How to Give the Best Ever Pleasure

How to Give the Best Ever Pleasure

This one time in band camp I advised my lover he knew exactly how to play my harmonica and if he were to advise 5 things that make him a good musician what would they be. Not only was I impressed but thought it share worthy of a blog.

How to give the Best Oral on a Woman

  1. Drop in – I knew what this meant but those of you who may not. It’s simply a type of letting go almost like a falling into that person. Into the essence of the person. Switching off the mind to become aware of the senses. Such as sight, smell, touch taste and sounds yes all of these can be experienced if you take the time and not rush
  2. Respect – A woman’s ‘yoni’ a Sanskrit word for vagina is a sacred temple so treat it like this. Respect that she is wanting you to feel her energy, her vibrations. A type of honouring as you are wanting to enter her temple
  3. Connect – You both want to be into this so a two way street. She is wanting your presence at her temple so too you are desiring to be allowed to enter. You are doing this not just because you want to please her but that you too want the pleasure. Connect with her breath, her movements and take things slow
  4. Activate – to begin with Don’t rush and go straight for it, arouse all around the area, tops of legs, inner thighs, groin, getting the area ready in anticipation
  5. Stimulate – Dont doubt what you are doing down there just soft kissing licking and pick up on things, tune in feel her wanting you in her temple…juices, her release and let go and taste and if you feel yourself dropping out…. just wash and repeat as above 😋

So guys if you are ever wanting to become a truly great musician, a rock star and even be on the wall of fame … my advice is this good advice 🎶 

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