“A coach is a person who gives you the courage to face issues that have been hiding in plain sight and keeping you from your highest path. ” — Rebel Glea, Australian Sex Coach

Do Any Of These Sound Too Familiar?

Arriving Too Early

Premature ejaculation is very common, but nobody talks about it! If you have ever experienced this you are certainly not alone and I am here to help you. It is possible to learn how to last longer.

Erectile Dysfunction

Imagine being able to achieve a bigger and harder erection than you ever thought was possible. Follow my advice for the most satisfying sex and orgasms.

Lack of Confidence

Imagine being able to become a much more confident, better version of your current self? When you are not feeling confident in your sex life, your whole life can suffer.

Unhappy Relationship

Experiencing relationship problems that you feel are related to your sex life? Or do you feel you no longer have the spark that you once had with your partner?

Ready To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life?



Find Out Whats Holding You Back From having a satisfying fulfilling sex life and how I can help you overcome sexual challenges with proven natural methods

We are not all born with the innate ability to have perfect, mind blowing sexual experiences nor to know exactly what to do

Would you like to learn how to be a better lover, overcome your sexual challenges and have more fulfilling sexual experiences? We have coaches and mentors for loads of things in our lives to help us be the very best we can be, to maximise your potential. If you are feeling like you are often fumbling around and sometimes even avoiding intimacy, then Intimacy Coaching will benefit you.

Imagine non-judgmental, shame-free hands on guidance, support and assistance with your sex life with an Australian Sex Coach helping you achieve more satisfaction, access more pleasure, and feel more confident in and out of the bedroom. Learn all the magical things that porn will not teach you.

Intimacy Coaching –  Learn through my unique process about how your thoughts and emotions can be in sync with your body for a more pleasurable experience. Let me help you uncover what is holding you back.

Intimacy Mentoring – Take things to the next level, empower yourself. Having the life you truly dream of is totally possible. Take a transformational holistic journey and full Rehaul via Sex Magick, for those who wish to embrace a fully Orgasmic Life.

Australian Sex Coach
Australian Sex coach

Unlock the mysteries to experiencing an amazing sex life, its easy when you know how

With so many services and escort services out there, many people still so discontented and fumbling with their sexual experiences, it is my goal to base my services around sexual energy, bodywork, sexual/emotion healing and tantric practices rather than a service which is purely physical and “outcome based”.  With a holistic (whole body) approach to intimacy and by learning how having the mind and body in sync is necessary for accessing more pleasure.

For those of you who were seeking a little intimacy, or looking for satisfaction somehow and found me via the internet or a Brisbane or Australian Escort Directory, I offer services very different to that of an traditional Courtesan. I offer something much more fulfilling and rewarding which also gives you the opportunity to delve much deeper into your sexuality helping you become a better lover, the confident lover you desire to be.  You’ll find that my unique method of Intimacy Coaching works if you experience anxiety because it fuses modalities for both the mind AND body.  Learning about Sexual Energy and how it can truly propel you in all areas of your life, will be one the best decision you have ever made.



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Australian Sex coach

Just A Few Happy Clients



Getting in touch with your sexuality and learning from someone as wonderful as Rebel is one of the best things you can do for yourself. In the professional, safe and warm space she provides, I’ve learnt that your sexual well being is just as important as your physical and mental health.

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From the age I found porn, I had an unhealthy relationship with it. Each night, I would open up a video and be done with it within a minute, with no clue it was hard wiring my body to always finish quickly. This led to finishing even quicker during the real deal. I was literally a ‘one pump chump’.

After this happening every time, I was reliant on porn and was even considering celibacy. Rebel helps you rebuild your sexual identity from the ground up and teaches you the reality of sex and intimacy (it’s not what you see in porn). Now I have a new-found sense of sexual confidence, I no longer fear being with women.

The hardest part is to put yourself out there, but once you do you, won’t regret it. Rebel is about the most beautiful, kind and professional woman you could ever hope to meet, so you’ll immediately realise you’re in for a life changing experience as soon as you meet her. – James

Pablo - 21st Feb 2019


When I first met Rebel 4 months ago, I was a real mess. I had been in a sexually toxic relationship for 15 years. I had erectile disfunction issues and premature ejaculation issues and was completely lacking confidence. I had lost my mojo.

From the moment I walked in to meet Rebel, I instantly felt that I was in a safe and non judgmental environment. She was able to guide me through a journey of self exploration and self love.

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Through tantra, she showed me a connection that I didn’t think was possible.
Today, I’m like a new man. I have my mojo back, I’m dating new people and loving this stage of my life.
Thanks Reb for your support, love, friendship and dedication in helping me grow. You have played a key part in changing my life and I’m forever grateful. You clearly have a passion for helping people and you’re genuinely happy to see the change. I wish you the very best in life :).
Take care,
Pablo 44



A little about my-self, I am in my mid 30’s overweight and had not been in a relationship for quite a few years, so you can imagine a guy like me lacks in experience in the sack. I didn’t want to feel embarrassed anymore about not having confidence and not lasting long enough.

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I have learned and experienced many things during the sessions with Rebel and I have walked away from this experience with my head held high – excited with my new-found confidence.

If you are like me, lacking in confidence and wanting to last longer, – you could not be in better hands. Reach out to Rebel. Let her show you the way. Like me, you will find peace. – Andrew

Rebel Glea Intimacy Coach Australia

 I offer sex coaching services Australia wide.


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