Massage Your Prostate for a Better Sex Life
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Rebel Glea

Rebel Glea

Yes … Massaging Your Prostate for a Better Sex Life is indeed True

Did you know that if you don’t have a healthy prostate it could cause serious problems and as a Sex Coach I need to let you know it can affect your sex life?
You can prevent these problems.

Many men come to because they are having problems with their erections. From ‘I’m not as hard as I once was’, to ‘when I think I’m going to lose my erection it happens’, and then there’s the men who simply do have an erection issue because it literally is a physical problem and its always good to get a check-up from your doctor.
There could be a number of reasons why your erections are not so hard it could be too much mind chatter or not enough blood flood just to name a couple.

Stagnation and numbness is so bad for your body, keeping blood flowing to the genitals and pelvis is very important for health reasons and for better sex. I have many different exercises I give to clients but here is just one way you can improve your erections:


You need to focus on some blood flow and good circulation. Prostate massage has been around for years and years, and on research even doctors would perform this as a medical procedure. Massage helps you to relax and by focusing on not just your Penis you can get out of your head and feel into your body and without the pressure to perform can help with erection difficulties. Massage helps with blood flow, and by stimulating all around your genitals awakening all the nerve endings and by massaging also your prostate it helps fresh blood and oxygen needed for healthy functioning. Did you know that by massaging your prostate you can release a seminal fluid that if built up can cause inflammation and infection. Many would say that by releasing this fluid it not only is good for your health but give you a far more intense orgasm.

So why not try next time you are laying down, whether you are horny or not but for health reasons to massage your prostate. Read my Blog on Can you Have more than one type of orgasm to learn how you can massage your prostate or why not try an anal massager, you can find one by clicking on SHOP HERE.

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