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My services are completely different to an escort so I do not offer a service of any kind that is for your gratification or visual stimulation. If you are just after sex, my services are not for you.

My sessions are all about healing and helping you overcome issues and I offer a variety of ways in which to learn depending on your situation so the best way to find out what is going to be right for you, is to have a Meet and Greet or at very least a brief chat after you have read my entire website.

There are many different ways in which I Coach so the best way to know what is going to suit you is to organise a Meet and Greet however this is not absolutely necessary, you can book a session via my Coaching page or shop to get started.

Please Note: Giving me more information about you is helpful prior to a session so a brief chat is recommended or at very least email me some info about what you are trying to achieve

I sure do. Most of my female clients are ladies who fall under the following categories – They are wanting to learn new and exciting things to spice up their life or marriage, those who are looking for a more experienced person to confide in and to show them how to connect with their bodies.

Many ladies opt to see me for healing as I offer many different holistic services, its best to organise to have a chat.

I also Mentor ladies who are wanting to leave the Sex Industry or evolve their current offerings.

Q. Do I get to release or cum?
A. I only allow an Energy Orgasm.

Q. How is that different to a ‘normal orgasm’?
A. I guide you to being able to expand your sexual energy around your whole body, not to just release it or discharge it as you would usually do but rather to open yourself up to full body pleasure

Q. What do you mean by ‘normal’?
A. Most men only experience or know a normal orgasm. A build up in the groin with a release and usually 0-100 real quick. To me it is like describing a normal orgasm is like yunk food as oppose to an Energy orgasm as a gourmet meal. There is also a difference between ejaculating and orgasm.

Q. Why Do You offer an Energy Orgasm?
A. It is my mission to shed light for those of you who seeking more. For most men and unfortunately it is hard for them to get over their conditioning especially when it comes to thinking I just need a quick fix and I’m going to feel good when I just get off. Sure, you will feel good for a bit. However, more than often if it’s all you do then it’s all you will ever know. I’m an advocate to helping men, expand their knowledge and experiences sexually.

Q. So is a normal release or orgasm not good for you?

A. A quick high as a release can become a viscous cycle and boy have I seen this a trillion times. I’m not doubting that a good stroke of the ego, a traditional quick release can feel good and there are many Rub and Tug ladies or escorts that are able to do this. I however on the other hand challenge you to open your mind to what CAN be possible with your WHOLE BODY and especially when your mind/body is in sync it truly can be mind blowingly amazing. By learning a different way, to move one of the highest energies, being sexual energy all throughout your body, it can give you an out of this world all over body orgasm.


Normal Orgasm:

– You can feel good for a short time. Like a mere sneeze quick to come and go.
– Feels good in your groin
– Depletes your life force energy and too much can have negative side-effects.

Energy Orgasm:
– Not only feels good but can put you in an altered blissful state which can be limitless.
– Feels divine throughout your whole body.
– Rejuvenates your body and can help heal, balance and many positive side-effects such as releasing emotions, eliminating blockages, overcoming sexual issues and too many to list.


Learning from home is easy and very effective as you can start with practicing exercises on your own first. The most common questions I get asked is:

Q. Do you visually stimulate
A. No, I coach/teach those of you who are wanting to last longer, feel more confident and be a better lover. You see most of my enquiries are from those wanting to last longer so changing things up and doing things differently is a must! I don’t offer a Web Cam Show … Getting you off would be counterproductive.
My advice is as simple as this, start at the very beginning:
A Meet and Greet in person or via phone or zoom

Q. How does doing things online work, wouldn’t I need to practice with someone?
A. Sure that would eventually be the goal but first you will need to practice things on your own before you jump in and try to get all jiggy with it. If you always do what you always do you will always get the same result. Change is required and knowledge of how to change is essential. It first starts with you!

My basic prices are listed on my Coaching page also on my Shop page. If you are interested in my packages or to work with me longer, a Total Rehaul, let’s organise a date/time for a Meet and Greet and only then will I give you my recommendation of how many session, what type of sessions, how long and how often and whether we are a good fit for each other.

*** Please also be advised if you make a payment, it can not be refunded but rather kept in credit for you for 6 months. ***

This is totally ok.

I often visit the Gold Coast and New South Wales and I am also open to travelling if this is more suitable and Covid 19 allows me. In person sessions are not the only way to learn, there are many different ways in which you can learn and sometime an online session is the best place to start to get a feel for if we wish to work/journey together.

I have clients overseas also so please reach out to me, sms, email or fill in the form to organise,

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