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Sex, Sexuality and Intimacy Coaching is focused on an individual’s health and wellness; energetic, emotional and spiritual healing which leads to improved sexual performance and long-lasting health benefits. My services are not an outlet for sexual gratification or visual stimulation. If you are looking for sex, my services are not for you.

However, if you are ready to heal and overcome issues which are holding you back from being the best lover you can be, I offer a variety of modes of learning for various situations and would love to hear from you. Book in for a consult HERE or contact me for a brief chat once you’ve read through the website if you’re still confused about which services may be right for you.

I offer many different modalities of learning based on individual needs and circumstances, so the best way to know what is going to suit you is to organise an Initial Consult so I can tailor a package to your specific concerns. I am also always happy to have a quick five minute chat to discuss the process and discover more about you and your concerns prior to booking. Once we have established a course of coaching to best address your issues, we will start sessions at a pace that suits you, either in person or via Zoom.

I do help women – mostly through partner consultation, but I have also had a number of female clients who have approached me wanting to learn how best to assist their husband with his performance issues or wanting to know new and exciting ways to spice up their sex life or marriage. Through my Intimacy Coaching program, I will soon also be working with a female intimacy coach, and I am excited to be able to offer that service to better help people have satisfying, fulfilling sexual relationships.

I do have limited availability for ladies who would like to see me for my many different holistic services, but it’s best to give me a call to discuss as space is limited.

I also mentor women wanting to leave the Sex Industry or evolve their current offerings.

Q. Do I get to physically ejaculate (and release semen)?

A. No – I only allow Energy Orgasms

Q. How is that different to a ‘normal orgasm’?

A. Part of our practice is the tantric method of expanding your sexual energy around your whole body, not to just release it as you would normally but rather to open yourself up to full body pleasure. I will guide you through this process.

Q. What do you mean by ‘normal’?

A. Most men have only ever experienced an anatomically ‘normal’ orgasm. A build up in the groin with a release. Very transactional, and often very quick. To me, describing the comparison between a normal or energetic orgasm is like the difference between junk food and a gourmet meal. There is also a difference between ejaculation and orgasm – while ejaculation may be a byproduct of orgasm, it is not necessary to achieve orgasm or feel satisfied, and in fact men often report the best orgasm of their lives through the energetic tantric process.

Q. Why do you offer Energy Orgasm?

A. Energetic orgasm is not only deeply satisfying, but also a reconnection with the body and the syncing of the physical and spiritual aspects of self. Most men, unfortunately, have been conditioned to strive for physical ejaculation above the sexual experience, and this often leads to a disconnect with partners, selfishness in the bedroom, expectation and ultimately performance issues. The common train of thought is “I’ll feel good once I cum” – leading to transactional, selfish sex and short-lived gratification. Sure, you’ll feel good for a bit. But what’s the ripple effect of this kind of exchange? I’m an advocate of helping men expand their knowledge and sexual horizons. Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting – and you’ll miss all the delicious, mind-blowing orgasmic opportunities life has to offer.  

Q. So is a normal release or orgasm not good for you?

A. There’s no denying that the high after orgasm feels pretty great, and sometimes a quick release is all that’s required to reinvigorate a man’s lust for life (for a minute). The problem with this is that, like anything that feels really good, it can become addictive. We crave that warm fuzzy feeling and seek it out as a quick fix to make us feel better about a situation or circumstance rather than revering it for the sacred and blissfully special experience that it is. It’s a vicious cycle that I’ve seen way too many times. However, I challenge you to open your mind to what is possible when your mind/body is in sync. When you focus on the journey, not the destination, the results can be truly mind-blowingly amazing. Imagine feeling what you feel in that one moment, in a single location with traditional orgasm, reverberated and sustained through your whole body. By learning to move one of the highest energies frequencies – sexual energy – throughout your body, you can achieve an out of this world, full body orgasm that will change your life.


Normal Orgasm

~ Feels good for a short time. Like a sneeze.

~ Feels good in your groin

~ Depletes your life force energy

Energy Orgasm

~ Not only feels good but can put you in a long-lasting altered, blissful state of awareness

~ Feels divine throughout your whole body

~ Rejuvenates your body, promotes cellular upgrade and can help heal, balance, release emotions, eliminate emotional, energetic and physical blockages, overcome sexual issues and much more.

Contact me for a session and see for yourself.

Learning from home is easy and very effective. Especially beneficial for those with confidence issues, as you can start practicing exercises on your own first. The most common questions I get asked are:

Q. Do you visually stimulate

A. No. I coach/teach practices for those wanting to last longer, feel more confident and be a better lover. I don’t offer a Webcam service … Your gratification is not my concern and would be counterproductive.

Q. How do the online courses work? Don’t I need to practice with someone?A. Sure, (great) sex with another human is definitely the goal. But first you will need to practice things on your own in order to feel comfortable with your body and the practices and increase your confidence. Just like you don’t jump in the ocean before learning how to swim, it’s best to get a few coaching lessons and solo practice time on the clock before you try to get down and jiggy with it. If change is required, knowledge of how to change is essential. And it starts with you!

Some of my standard package prices are listed on my Coaching page. However, tailor made package prices will vary. If you’re interested in working with me let’s organize a date/time for a Consult and I’ll give you my recommendation of how many sessions, what type of sessions, duration and frequency once we’ve established if we are a good fit for each other.

*** Please be advised payments are non-refundable. I am happy to credit you for 6 months. ***

That’s fine.

In person sessions are not the only way to learn, and I now offer a full range of online tutorials. This is also a good way to start to get a feel for if we wish to work/journey together.

I have clients all over the world, so if my services interest you please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via sms, email or by filling in the form here to organise a time to discuss.

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