Sexual Difficulties Can Be Experienced At Any Age

It’s a misconception that you only start experiencing sexual difficulties when you reach a certain age. In fact, sexual challenges can be experienced by anyone of sexual maturity, regardless of age, sex or income.

I’ve had clients from 18 years old to 85 years old, men and all genders from all backgrounds and walks of life.

While it’s normal for people to have a personal trainer or see therapist or hire a coach or mentor, hiring a Sex Coach or Therapist is still a bit taboo. When was the last time you were at dinner with friends and they dropped in the conversation that him and his partner are seeing an Intimacy Coach?

There’s still something about sex that people feel embarrassed about taking about openly. When it should be the opposite as it’s one of the most natural things that we do as human beings! I believe that we should feel totally comfortable with ourselves sexually. We should embrace and surrender to the wild and untamed side of us. I believe everyone deserves a fulfilling sex life. That is with themselves and/or with a partner.

I find that the problem with holding this secrecy around sex and intimacy, is that when challenges are experienced, they are silenced. Instead of saying to yourself ‘Ok, I acknowledge that something is iffy here and I’m going to try and find a way to move through this’, the problem gets stuffed down and ignored. What happens when you do this? The problem doesn’t go away, it festers. It can start taunting you and ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

There are many reasons why people look into getting guidance from a Sex & Intimacy Coach. The most common ones include people who have recently gotten out of a relationship and are nervous about being intimate with someone new, couples who are experiencing intimacy issues and want to reignite their sex life and men who simply wish to last longer in bed. These are by no means the only reasons people go to a sex coach, but what they all have in common is a desire for greater sexual satisfaction.

Sexual satisfaction is something everyone can have and is entitled to. It’s just that life every now and then gets in the way. Major life moments can happen that completely deplete your sex drive, trust issues can appear in relationships, depression and anxiety can surface, putting of intimacy for years or an addiction to seeing escorts might manifest. Just because you hit a roadblock in your life, doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome it. It’s just that people don’t prioritise their sexual satisfaction as much as they do other areas of their lives.

What’s important to know though is that being sexually fulfilled can have amazing ripple effects to all other aspects of your life. Just like how sexual problems might affect other areas of your life, having an amazing sex life is going to naturally improve your mood and this has a positive effect in your work and social life.

While the techniques and teachings I use with my clients varies depending on their needs, something that I teach each client is how to get their mind and body in sync. The simple act of being present with yourself has the power to electrify your sexual experiences. It’s time for you to start thinking with your mind AND your body.

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