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I'm one of the few hands-on sex coaches in Australia who specialises in working with men whose sex life is suffering because they are wrestling with common challenges such as Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. As a Sexuality Coach, I'm passionate about helping men with not only Sex but also Intimacy. 

I am trusted by my clients as I am a Certified Energy Expert, Tantra Practitioner, Emotional Healer, Reiki Master and Massage Therapist and have been delving into intimacy related issues for decades, helping thousands of men overcome their sexual challenges, as to date achieving a 100% success rate with those who followed my hands-on guidance and formula.

It is my purpose to educate men, facilitate in the healing of men, teach them, and guide them so they can learn that it is totally possible to improve, get rid of shame, be a better lover and lead a fulfilling life.

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My journey into Sexuality Coaching and the Art of Pleasure unofficially started when I dabbled in the adult industry, years after growing up in a religious family. Sex was never spoken about. In fact, there was a lot of shame and guilt around it and quite possibly you can relate, not something you were open about much when growing up. But you know what? I never saw or felt about it that way and sex, to me it was a natural thing and I couldn't understand all the secrecy.  Being a Rebel and that my true birthname, I sought to find out for myself.

First using Sex as something 'I did' allowed me to see through the eye's of men. Through my experiences, more often than not, what men were really yearning for was someone to confide in about their sexual challenges and need for more complete experiences. Being witness to men opening up and crying simply through talking because a weight's been lifted off their shoulders. What I witnessed many times is that men wanted validation and craved connection.

Take it from me sex can just be sex, good and bad but what I discovered is there is more to sex than meets the eye and that the physical release whilst most men thought it was what would make them feel better, it was only momentary. As I saw this theme repeated again and again, I became passionate about supporting men in a more soulful way.

That's when I stumbled across the ancient rituals of Tantra, Energy-Body work and Sexual/Emotional Healing, which altered my perspective on everything. Boy, what a game changer.  Years of DOING, totally disconnected and ashamed. To discovering myself and just BEING, 
exploring, savouring and creating Magick via Sexual Energy and finding happiness within.

In a technology-obsessed world, many of us have lost touch with our bodies and are totally unaware of what happens in our body. By learning how to be fully present in every moment, Tantra and Energy-Body work are powerful ways of rediscovering and celebrating our sensual selves. By exploring these new modes of pleasure, men can experience sex in a way they've never done before: naturally, with confidence and deeply satisfying.

I encourage you to read my blogs so you can get not only a greater understanding but a glimpse into what is truly possible.

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My Mission/Vision



Helping Men - Men Matter

I'M REBEL, WITH A CAUSE AND I'M ON A MISSION to help men who genuinely want to work through the shame their sexual challenges are causing them to improve their self-esteem, relationships and their entire life.

By giving them education, resources, techniques and hands-on guidance, I assist men of all ages to open up and learn about the importance of Sexual Synergy. By working from the inside out and in-sync, only then are men able to learn to last longer naturally and overcome anxiety and be a Great Lover.

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Find Out Whats Holding You Back From having a satisfying fulfilling sex life and how I can help you overcome sexual challenges with proven natural methods

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