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Why Your Penis Size Doesn’t Matter

Way too much worry goes into penis size. It comes up in conversations with my clients every week. I’m here to tell you that you need to stop worrying. Full stop. Too much comparison is made to porn and you have to remember that porn isn’t a truthful representation of sex. The size of penis’ in porn is definitely not the norm! Studies have been done that show that 50% of men want a bigger penis whereas 85% of women are happy with their partners size.

There are also growers and showers. Women know that your flaccid penis can grow. Ultimately women worry about your penis size FAR LESS than you think, if at all! 

It’s also not healthy to focus so much on your penis size. Too much focus on it can create erection difficulties. If you’re wrapped up in your head worrying that your cock isn’t big enough, as opposed to being present with the pleasurable sensations you’re experiencing, then naturally you are more susceptible to losing your erection. 

Understandably men are subject to worrying about the size of their penis because the media makes it seem like the size of your dick is the most important thing about sex. There are ads all over the internet promoting contractions, ointments and pills to grow your penis and in reality, these ‘’solutions’’ don’t work and just aren’t needed.

To be honest, the majority of women aren’t into big penises. Sex is actually more painful than pleasurable with a guy with a massive cock, especially if when he starts thrusting roughly against your cervix – ouch!

Forget about the size of the ship, it’s all about the motion in the ocean baby! Women don’t focus on your penis size during sex, it’s about the full experience of sex, so you need to stop focusing on your penis size. Instead, shift your focus on how you’re touching her body during sex, the naughty things you whisper in her ear while gently tugging her hair, and generally treating her like a total goddess while you make love. 

Foreplay is the secret to amazing sex and yes, foreplay totally counts as sex! Just letting go of all expectations to orgasm and simply being devoted to pleasuring your partner and receiving pleasure without any expectation will lead to far greater satisfaction. 

It’s really time for guys to stop worrying about your dicks and start exploring all the other ways to pleasure a woman. 

If you want to learn to stop worrying about your penis size and learn techniques on how to pleasure a woman, contact me for a free and discreet discovery session.

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