What’s All The Smoke About The Poke

If I had a dollar for every message I get via email or text, that reads “Do you offer Sex in your Coaching?” I would be one really filthy rich MOFO.  So I thought I’d write a blog so I don’t get RSI and that way I can copy and paste this a few times or more a day for people, Ah don’t you love technology.

It does ruffles my feathers, that STILL so many men are stuck on the idea that Sexuality must mean Sex. Even though my feathers get ruffled its ok because that’s where I fit in … I can educate and better still train men to be far better lovers. I really feel for guys, most don’t have anyone to talk to and watching porn really is not going to help.

NEWSFLASH #1: Sex is not mere penetration. There is so much more and I can’t express this enough. In my opinion and for many reasons, Foreplay should be the main event. There is too much pressure about the POKE!
One of the main reasons men have sexual issues in my opinion is PRESSURE. The opposite of pressure is pleasure. Ask yourself – What are you pursuing? Just friction or pleasure? I’ve helped literally hundreds of guys and the biggest issue is that they are all up in their heads with worry. “Is my penis big enough”, “Am I going to last,” “Will I lose my erection” and the most common one is “I’ve got to stay hard and give it to her and get her off then get off”. There is way to much pressure around penetration.

NEWSFLASH #2: Men do you know that unless a woman is very in touch with herself and probably has some knowledge of Sexual Energy, most women cannot cum with just your penis unless of course it is so curved it can hit her g-spot
So this leads me to declare MEN PLEASE DON’T PLACE SO MUCH PRESSURE ON YOUR COCK NOR IT BEING HARD INSIDE. Its truly not all about this. Simply by focusing on enjoying and being in the moment rather than trying to drill for oil you will have more mind blowing experiences. Like lesbian sex for example… mmm no penis there?!?

NEWSFLASH #3: What I offer is something that is way more deeper and far more sustainable. Think of me more like a Physio not a Doctor with a magic pill to fix you. You come to visit or via zoom and I show you exercises but you are the one that needs to practice.
To train your mind/body to be in sync and practice new ways until it becomes automatic so when its time to shine YOU WILL. I help men rewire, gain confidence and get out there and organically find a partner not me or if they have a partner to learn new ways to be intimate. Men reach out to me often as what they know and what they are doing is just not working for them. I offer natural proven ways without my V Jay Jay. I have so much passion to help many people not just to have Mediocre intimate experiences but AMAZING to be an AMAZING LOVER.

I offer a variety of ways in which you can learn, depending what suits you. My Coaching Sessions are many things depending on the level you wish to delve.  If you are truly not happy with your sex life and you want to experience, enjoy and connect more then you can learn how to achieve this. A wise man, Deej once said “Why only experience one music note, when there is a whole orchestra of music?” To find out more https://www.rebelglea.com.au/

A special shout out to – Lets call him ‘Mr Poke’  who today inspired me to write this 🙂

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