Types of Orgasm

Different Types of Orgasm for Men

Different types of orgasm for men? Bet you didn’t know that’s possible! You don’t have to be limited to a single crotch-sneeze followed by an overwhelming desire to take a nap. I know it seems unfair when the female may have experienced multiple orgasms throughout foreplay and sex.

Well, let me tell you the good news is that it can be a whole lot different. Even better news is I can show you how to experience different types of orgasm.

In Male Sexuality Mythbusters, I exploded the myth that orgasm and ejaculation is the same thing. Yes they often happen concurrently, but that has more to do with biology and reproduction than pleasure. I want to talk to you about pleasure.

Would you believe me if I told you a man can orgasm multiple times without ejaculation? By prolonging the pleasure of orgasm, you can enjoy an intensity and duration never before experienced. Believe me when I say that it can last for hours. It takes knowledge and practice, and I can show how it can be done.

Four Types of Orgasm

I am going to talk to you about the four different types of orgasm. The one know you’re all familiar with is called Ejaculatory Orgasm (EO). The three others, I suspect will be real eye-poppers for you; NEOs, PNEOs and POs.
Why should you be interested in learning from me about the other three?

I have discovered that these types of orgasm are of much greater intensity. They do not leave you drained of energy and in desperate need of a nap. In fact they can leave you energised and they last and last and last!

Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

NEO is the acronym for non-ejaculatory orgasm and the name is somewhat self-explanatory. By disconnecting orgasm and ejaculation you open the door to a new world of pleasure. Through my extensive study of Tantra and Tantric Sex, I can assure you that there is much more for a man to experience during sex than ejaculation. To experience this whole new world of pleasure requires control. You will need to be prepared to forgo that few seconds of pleasurable release. The reward is potentially minutes of a much more intense bodily pleasure. I have found with my clients that it will in fact energise you and keep you going, potentially for hours. Which leads me to the next type of orgasm…

Prolonged Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

PNEO is a prolonged, or sometimes referred to as peaking. NEO. PNEOs, as the name suggests are the type of orgasm can last for minutes. Imagine the pleasure of the orgasms you currently experience, magnified by a factor of 5 and lasting for 1, 3 or up to 5 minutes. Now that’s what I call pleasure and I know you will call it that too! Master the Prolonged Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm and I promise that you will experience something quite new. It will be more pleasure than you can physically stand. What’s the secret you ask?

PC Muscle Exercises

If you are one of my coaching clients or have read my previous blogs, you will have heard me talk about the importance of exercising your PC muscles. The muscle that you contract to stop you peeing mid-stream? That’s the one I’m referring to.

So, let me ask you – have you been doing your exercises? Your PC muscle is the doorway to NEOs and PNEOs. Like any muscle it needs to be used and exercised so that it functions optimally. It takes practice, but master this skill of opening and closing the door, and you enter a whole new world of pleasure.

Believe me, controlling your PC muscles is the secret key to the doorway to pleasure!


But I believe the best exercise out there to help you develop the control required is masturbation. I prefer to call it ‘self pleasure’. I know that will disappoint some of you, as some of you don’t like to masturbate do you? You need to be able to masturbate for an extended period and deny yourself that few seconds of pleasure. Just when you are about to ejaculate, you must engage your PC muscle and prevent ejaculation. Then you need to repeat this process. In Tantra it is called “edging” and it is how you develop the control that will enable you to slowly bring yourself to experience NEOs and PNEOs.

If you need a personal trainer to coach you through the process of developing this high level control of your PC muscle so you can experience different types of orgasm, I can definitely help. Feel free to contact me!

Once you master this control during masturbation, then and only then, should you introduce this technique into sex with your partner.

Prostate Orgasm

The final type of orgasm I need to introduce you to, is the PO. As that is a whole other Tantric speciality, I may blog you later about that …

Go get ’em Tiger!

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