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Most men are brought up not to talk about anything where they may appear to be inadequate or see themselves as a failure. This extends to all areas of life especially anything of a sexual nature. There is lots of talk of locker room discussions and men discussing their conquests but there is never any talk regarding ability to perform or issues that men may have in the bedroom. It is viewed as a direct reflection of their masculinity. The truth of the matter however is that many men suffer with problems regarding erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation but don’t know where to turn for help.

It’s about time that men recognised that they are not alone with these situations and the discussion about intimacy and sex is totally ok and not something to be ashamed of. In most cases solutions to these issues are readily available, and with just a little bit of training, self-awareness and practice, most men can resolve their issues and go back to having a fulfilling sex life.

When we consider that between 30 & 40% of all men will suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation at some stage in their life, we must realise that this is an issue that’s completely normal. However, it still has a stigma attached to it. Your body is biologically made to ejaculate quickly. Sow your seed, copulate, and populate. In this day and age there is a lot more of an expectation for a man to perform as sex is no longer just for procreation.

The first step in changing perceptions is to raise awareness of the issue and to start normalising men’s sexual discussions. We need to create a safe non-judgemental platform where men are encouraged to be aware that their issues are nothing to be ashamed of and are actually normal reactions to many modern-day situations. For example, financial stress, covid, work that create the flight or fight response.

I provide holistic sex coaching for those who are genuinely interested in improving their lives. With a 100% success rate for those who follow my guidance.

I provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere where men can speak openly and freely about the issues they are facing and experiencing, without any form of judgement. I then work with them to provide the toolkit to include non-medical, and lasting, solutions to the issues they are facing, to improve their overall perception of themselves as well as helping with their performance and enjoyment of sex.

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