Sexual Synergy

Sexual Synergy

My Hands-On Coaching for Sexual Synergy is one of a kind here in Australia. However, Sexual Synergy is something not a lot of guys know about. Sexual Synergy is about mind and body connectedness. It is the secret sauce for longer lasting and fulfilling sex. In this blog I’ll talk about the role that the mind and body play in sex, and how connecting the two creates Sexual Synergy.

Going Beyond The Physical

Deeper sexual gratification is something many men desire. I help men experience better sex by coaching them to go beyond just the physical. Your Mind and Your Body are the two most powerful sexual tools at your disposal. When you learn to connect the two, you will experience a totally different way of enjoying sex. For instance, you will start to experience much stronger full body orgasms and feel more deeply connected to your partner.


Your mind is accustomed to being overstimulated, and that’s a big part of the problem. It has been moulded from the instant highs of porn the and skewed messages around sexuality that society bombards us with. As a result, this has hardwired your mind and it’s relationship towards sex.  I explain to my clients the relationship their mind plays on their sexual dysfunction. Consequently, I emphasise that this is very common and not your fault either. We start to unravel the reasons why  porn might have an impact on your sexual dysfunction.  Once we’ve identified the areas we need to work on, I will teach you how to rewire your mind. Rewiring your mind will enable you to engage in natural, healthy and playful sex. Similarly, I emphasise how your thoughts and emotions need to be in sync with your body. This will help lead you to more pleasurable and lasting sexual experiences. I believe the mind plays a very important role in Sexual Synergy. The body also also plays an important role which I explore in the next section.


Now it’s time for me to talk about the role your body plays in sex. I explain to my clients that their body has been trained to experience sex as a rushed and disconnected experience. This is due to the influence of porn and society’s repressions around sexuality. The result can be ejaculating too quickly. It also includes other forms of sexual challenges such as erection difficulties. I will help you unravel the role your body plays in sex, and how you can retrain it. Longer lasting pleasure is something you can learn through training with me. The rush of deeply connected sex is something you will start to experience and love. As a result, my clients very quickly start to prefer deeply connected sex over a hard and fast quickie. This is because connected sex is so much more pleasurable. Above all, it’s about achieving Sexual Synergy through the connectedness of your mind and body.

Why Sexual Synergy Works

You’ll find Sexual Synergy works because it fuses modalities for both the mind AND body. You will learn to move sexual energy so you can enjoy longer lasting and more rewarding sex with techniques and tools drawn from Tantra, Life Coaching and a range of Energy/Bodywork.


When you take part in one of my unique programs you will no doubt experience Sexual Synergy sessions, perfect for those who are living with a sexual challenge such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. If you’re truly ready to follow my hands-on guidance and 2-step procedure, this will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your sex life, and self-esteem.

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