Owning your Sexual Power and Energy in the Bedroom

Interested in learning the art of edging?

Well then…come with me, pull up a chair and allow a few moments  or so to come down the rabbit hole and learn about the power you have within you!

So, what is edging some of you may ask?

In a nutshell, edging, also known as peaking or teasing  is the practice of stopping yourself from reaching orgasm  right when you’re on the cusp — the metaphorical “edge” right before you fall off that cliff into sexual climatic  bliss!

So let’s explore the importance for not only yourself, but your partner, in recognising the energy process, the build-up, the ability to recognise and feel within your body where and how it moves and most importantly the ability to own it and control it.

Science tells us, we are made up of many components, and part of that, within the human body, and in fact, planetary and cosmic levels, is energy, a life force that drives us all. This, being given various names over thousands of years of human culture and evolution.

Like the good old electricity that gives us light at night, or power to run our appliances, us humans have our own incredibly intricate and powerful energies that generally we all just take for granted.

But what if we could harness that energy, control it and be the master of our own energetic destiny? Like harnessing the energy from the sun! Sound crazy?  Let me tell you, it’s not!

If edging techniques is your thing…. (Although… be mindful, that if you struggle with lasting longer, this type of edging is NOT for you … consider my lasting longer program or my Master your Domain program CLICK HERE)

Learn to harness your energy, be aware of it and be your own energetic master. Being aware and moving awareness is the key to owning and controlling  your energy.

Through the process of exploring by way of massage, that I teach my couples, control of breathing and acknowledgment of thought processes, you can learn the ability to enjoy the journey of intimacy, the ability to please your partner and know they are fulfilled.  To prolong and build that anticipation to that epic and happy ending!

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