Offload Your Emotional Baggage for Better Sex

As a Certified SDH Practitioner and having worked with Energy for many many years, I offer many of my clients Emotional and Energy Healing sessions in conjunction with their coaching. Many find this really helps them to open up and feel more connected to themselves.

But what actually is Emotional and Energy Healing?

Put simply, it’s all about working with your emotions, peeling back the layers and helping you let go of experiences or feelings that are holding you back. Repressed emotions in the body can cause dysfunction and often hinder sexual drive and confidence. Through these sessions, you gain greater awareness of the factors which contribute to how you feel, for example your conscious and unconscious emotions.

Thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy” often play a huge part in my clients’ issues. A typical session, therefore, would mainly involve talking therapy, during which we unravel these negative emotions that may be fuelling their sexual issues.
Energy healing is a broad term and can refer to any therapy that involves stimulating the energy flow in or around your body and restoring an energy balance.

Once an energy shift has occurred in the client, my sessions often end with a chakra balance and sound healing with a crystal bowl. Sound healing has an array of benefits, and is thought to synchronise brainwaves, creating a profound sense of inner peace. This helps my clients enjoy an increased sense of worthiness and self-confidence – one of the main factors in helping them heal any sexual issues.

Energy healing promotes wholeness of mind, body and spirit and therefore compliments my body-based sessions beautifully.
My clients are profoundly changed by emotional/energy work, and leave with a much-improved mindset, especially after doing ‘inner child’ work, during which we aim to release emotions through crying, anger, or laughing.
I test the effectiveness of my emotional/energy sessions by asking clients to rate how they feel before and after the sessions. For example, I may ask “How worthy do you feel on a scale of 1-10?” Before we begin, the answer is often something like 4, but after the sessions it always markedly improves to something like a 7 or higher.

Sexual issues are rarely simple, therefore a holistic approach is most effective.

My Emotional and Energy Healing sessions work amazingly alongside my hands-on sessions. They help the client not only gain trust, but unpack the complex unconscious emotions that may be contributing to their issues.  If you are not sure if this is right for you please contact me to discuss.


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