Improve your Sexual Performance

I believe working on your sex life can help improve your sexual performance. What I’ve found with my clients is that it can have an amazing knock on effect to many other areas of your life, such as increased intimacy with your partner, a more positive outlook in your work life and an overall improvement in your health.

How you improve your sex life can manifest in many different ways, but I believe taking a holistic approach is a great place to start.

Taking a holistic approach on improving your sexual performance includes embarking on various physical exercises, talking therapy and healing and getting to know your mind and body on a deeper level. I believe that taking a transformational approach has a long lasting and life changing result on your sexual performance, as opposed to pursuing on quick often fixes, which are often temporary.

1) Practicing physical exercises

Practicing PC exercises strengthens your pelvic floor muscles and is something that both women and men can do easily. Having a strong pelvic floor has the power to give you stronger erections and longer, more intense orgasms. I recommend practicing these exercises daily, with a rest day in between so that the muscles can repair. You will see results after practicing these exercises over several consecutive weeks, and long-lasting improvement if you keep up with the exercise. I have many different PC types of exercises, first strength then control.

2) Healing Work and Talking Therapy

For many men, anxiety is the most common culprit for erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. The good news with this is that there are many different ways to heal and work through your anxieties. Through talking therapy and energy healing sessions I help my clients unravel past traumas that are impacting their sexual performance. By letting go of the old baggage and thought patterns that are no longer serving you, you create space for positive energy in your life. Gaining more positivity and clarity in your life will help you relax more in the bedroom and have greater confidence, both in your sex life and everyday activities.

3) Get to know your body and what you find pleasurable

I believe that practicing self-pleasure is incremental to a satisfying sex life. How can you tell your partner what you’re in to if you haven’t discovered it for yourself? I teach that self-pleasure isn’t just about a quick rub and tug for a quick release. I instruct my clients to get to know their body in a slow and sensual way. I encourage you when you are self-pleasuring to try new things you may not have considered. You never know what you might discover that you like! Self-pleasure is a great way for you to become more connected with your body and be able to focus your energy on the sensations you are feeling. By focusing on these pleasurable sensations, you are syncing your body with your mind and this is good practice that you can tap in to when you are with a sexual partner.

4) Spark arousal and sexual intimacy

Working on your sex life not only helps you improve your sexual performance, but it also helps sparks arousal and sexual intimacy in a relationship. When you take the above steps to increase your confidence and sexual power, you will see what an amazing benefit this has when you are with your sexual partner. Your confidence and power will not only turn on your partner, but it was also turn you on and you will be more receptive to receiving and giving pleasure. You will also be more open to communication which creates space for more intimacy. By telling each other what you enjoy sexually, you are giving each other the opportunity to ignite more spice and intimacy in the bedroom.

Do you have any more tips you’d like to share on improving your sexual performance? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

It is never too late to improve your sexual performance. I take a holistic, hands-on approach and can guarantee that you will experience all of the benefits listed above! If you’re ready to take your sexual performance to the next level and grab life by the balls, get in touch to set up a 1:1 consultation. 

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