How To Be More Loveable

I’ve had several clients come to me lately who are feeling a sense of hopelessness around their love life.

The heavy feeling often stems from low self-worth. They are usually also suffering from external stuff too like: economic pressure, an unhappy job, excess weight, feeling old, being in pain, or from holding on to burdens of the past. 

All of this negativity is too much for anyone to carry and it’s certainly not a recipe for attracting a partner or for manifesting a great sex life for those who are in a relationship.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, the good news is that no matter where you are, today is the perfect day to start lightening the load by seeing your value and realising that you are not only worthy of love, but you deserve it.

I’ve got three concepts anyone can put into practice right now to raise their self-worth so they can feel more satisfaction with life and be a more attractive mate.

But first…Kaizen


If you are familiar with my approach, I like starting with easy, achievable, incremental baby steps. The Japanese term for this type of continuous improvement is Kaizen.

If you’re feeling hopeless around your love life, let’s take some baby steps towards feeling hopeful again.

As usual, everything starts with you. So, let’s start there.

It’s time to start recognizing your own unique value and anchoring that in.  Afterall, why would someone else see your value and love you if you can’t?

How to appreciate YOU
Let go of the past.


Your past experiences have helped shape you but you are so much more than your past. Imagine what your life would feel like if you were free.

Most people carry deep wounds from childhood or other broken relationships for their whole life. You can get stuck into a lifetime of behavioral patterns that don’t serve you. But this shit stinks and it is something that you can process, heal and let go of. 

Try one of my Healing Sessions  to get the ball rolling.


Manage your self talk


Your words carry power. What you say to yourself out loud and in your own thoughts is the software you are using to make your hardware all work. 

If you are saying things that make you feel bad and spiral into feeling worse, you’ve got to upgrade your software!  

Pay attention to your words. Notice how to talk about yourself. Try talking more nicely, like you were talking to a sweet innocent kid. You deserve this kind of loving attention. And when you start giving it to yourself, others will follow.


Get a life


It’s easy to blame external circumstances on why your life sucks. But you have a choice, to play the role of the victim or the role of the creator.

I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer. It had gone into her brain, liver, lungs, ribs and spine. She could easily have pulled the Cancer card as an excuse and given up, but she didn’t – she got a life instead. Her mantra is, “Time to get serious about living my most full and rich life”. She chose not to be the victim of her disease. She chose to be the creator of her best possible life.

Get a vision of what you want by getting perfectly clear on the things that make you feel most alive. Have a good long think about how you can start adding one of those things into TODAY. Do that every day.


Grab life by the balls


Life is way too precious and short to waste it in a pity party. You are a divine being and you deserve everything your heart desires. You can create your own heaven on earth but you’ve got to become aware of where you are letting yourself down and then rectify it by lifting yourself up. No one is going to do this for you, it’s YOUR Job and it’s the best and most important job of your life.

The three areas I’ve listed above are just some of the most common pitfalls people make. Taking baby steps in each of these areas will definitely help you.

Let go of the past, manage your self talk, get a life and grab life by the balls!

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