Heads up Guys, it’s not to be rushed!

Tip 101 – Slow and steady wins the race!


So, have you ever stopped and thought about the whole process from start to finish in the love making journey?

Yes… Journey….

Many people put the emphasis on the end result of orgasm, but did you know that by stepping back the pace and taking the “scenic route” it can make for the most exhilarating of orgasms that reverbs right throughout the body and not just the obvious part of the anatomy!

By engaging the mind and the senses through exploring parts of the body you had no idea could be connected is utterly worth investigation!

Take for example feet, through slow erotic touch & massage, it can arouse both men and women and bring about a sense of relaxation also. Gliding hands slowly up the legs and thighs without any approach to the intimate spot can bring about the delightful sense of anticipation.

Or the gentle touch, or soft kissing around the neck to ignite those tingles down the spine!

Remember, it is about the approach and being mindful of your partners reaction. This will always help guide you in the right direction, with the art of being observant to your partners’ responses, breathing with sound, some soft eye gazing, communication and of course mindful touch, will make the difference on whether you and your partner are on a journey of spine-tingling orgasmic sex or a “Wham Bam!   Thank you, Ma’am, kinda sex – that story is for another day 😉

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Virtual Hugs xo

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