Feeling Disconnected?

The more I think about it, the bigger it grows, but are you curious about this word ‘’Tantra’’???? Maybe just a little bit confused by what this magical thing might be? I know every time it was mentioned at the start of my curiosity, the mystery grew for me.

I know over these last couple of years of stresses, lockdowns, doom and gloom some of these ideas have taken a back burner. But these connections are the things that fulfill us the absolute most, yet they are often the last frontier of exploration. Centuries old, esoteric, but we are just too busy looking for the quick reward to seek these paths.

It’s been a little while since I’ve connected with you, and I thought we could delve into a rabbit hole together. How many of us are feeling disconnected, discouraged struggling to get away from the limiting programming we’ve fallen into? Where is the fulfilling place, that authentic place other people seem to have figured out?

I know there was a time when I myself really struggled with finding real magic and there was a definite disconnection…


with my lovers. I was struggling to find the connection and was seeking answers to breaking free from average sexual experiences and wanting to know why I was not feeling arousal.  It all felt superficial, and I knew there was more to discover. Where was the blissful, bountiful joy and passion that was being described and why wasn’t it coming to me?

My curiosity led me down a path that I’d love to take you to as well. I began to discover the knowledge and insight that was a complete game changer to creating blissful, beautiful passion, joy and playfulness that will encompass a variety of practices, techniques and rituals that you can implement and connect you to the intimacy that will upgrade your sex life with the passion, spark and sizzle that’s been lost along the way.

After a lot of seeking, talking, looking for answers in probably all the wrong places I started to realize a beginner approach could be a way of bringing these practices to others. To value human nature somewhere outside just connecting in the ways we are familiar. Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice and now the word is out there but shrouded in woo woo mystery. Despite our world being highly sexualized in many aspects of our lives, from marketing, to power, or even for money we could take a step back. To value time spent together and appreciate the energy of sacred rituals as divine and worth scheduling regular time to practice.

We value so many other things above this, and make time for so many OTHER parts of our lives…why not this?


I’ve come to discover our most fulfilling lives are spent when our relationships with others are working well when we are relating well to each other. But with the chaos of our world and the pressures of adult life we must break free of suppressing our sexuality and taboo.

This is where I want to take you by the hand and start to delve into HOW we can make changes.


I am passionate about how to bring a safe nonjudgmental way of exploring some ideas that will be a game changer for you. How do you create regular practice with a partner? A place to explore sacred rituals, to celebrate love making as something divine. Slowing things down, beautifying the space we can find each other in with candles, flowers, cushions and music and celebrate being human through our sexuality.

To learn more about the lingam, the wand of light and yoni, the sacred space. To see that coming together as an expression of a higher force in your own way. Distant from the theatrical boundaries of pornography and delving into the mind as something more than physical and to learn that 2 souls can be nurturing and satisfying. To remind you how powerful relationships and connections can be in our lives.

I know you are busy in this modern world but I am passionate about taking you to the next level…

I provide holistic sex coaching for those who are genuinely interested in improving their lives. With a 100% success rate for those who follow my guidance.

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