Fave Female Fantasies

It was the Kinsey report in the early 1950s, that disclosed our saucy secrets. Yes, women did
indeed masturbate.. quite regularly it seems aided by their vivid imaginations and some racy
erotic fantasies.
I advise my clients that sexual fantasies, are a safe place to explore situations or scenarios to learn more about what turns you on. I highly recommend that you self pleasure (as I would rather call it) learning new ways to pleasure and exploring your body is allowing yourself to celebrate your sexuality oh and besides its great for your health.
Back to Fantasies … Often they are not something that you want to happen in the real world and can often be quite shocking and taboo…
Fast forward 70 years and women are still not that open to share with friends or lovers what gets
the “juices flowing” … go figure … But multiple sources confirm …

Submission and Domination

Some may say thank you 50 shades of grey, the idea of controlling their partner or fantasy players to perform, as they demand with basic consequences is exhilarating likewise to be at the mercy of another due to being strange to be overpowered And control to be in the hands of another is exciting for many.
Some pain or humiliation might be the turn on, but equally these things can be very sensual
and focus more on being worshipped and pleasured.
Of course in real life this is not the green light to behave without full consent, but getting
your kink on could be the spice you both need.

Having sex with another woman

Sorry fellas. No surprises here and I expect The popular instant arousal fantasy is to pleasure and
be intimate with another woman alone.
The taste and smell of her soft lips and curves… so different to the male/female experience.
Maybe women anticipate that another woman will know what they want, and how to deliver it.
The storyline might be a power dynamic – your professor at uni or work colleague.
Perhaps an experienced lesbian is seducing you confidently or the awkward stumbling and
mutual exploration with another curious chick.  Either way this is one hot theme and most
boys agree.

Sex with multiple partners/strangers

The idea of anonymous, hands and mouths desiring you, insisting on having their way with you is delicious for a lot of ladies.
Often, the focus of this theme is being the centre of attention – an exhibitionist perhaps and
object of lustful desire.
Being objectified, and possibly financially rewarded for participating can add an extra level of

So there you have it the top 3 most popular masturbation topics guaranteed to get her the
Don’t feel pushed aside, she still wants you .. it is called FANTASY … maybe try some ‘dirty talk’ or opening up a conversation around fantasies with your lover.
What else do you think would make the list?
Let me know ?

Contact – Rebel Glea – Australian Sex Coach

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