Energy Orgasm

What is an Energy Orgasm?

I know many describe Tantra as the ‘weaving together.’ If I had to describe Tantra in a word it would be ENERGY. Tantric Sex is all about getting in sync with yours and your partners energy. It’s about slowing down and BEING in the moment and at one with the energy. 

The energy is so powerful that it is possible for you to experience an energy orgasm. This is an all over body orgasm which happens without actually physically ejaculating. Like I spoke about in a much earlier blog on Mindful Sex, you need to let go of an orgasm being the end-goal of sex. This might sound counter intuitive to some, but it really is the secret to having incredible sexual experiences that leave you speechless!

Life Force Energy

Often in my advanced Programs I show my clients how to have an energy orgasm. It’s all about getting your mind and body in sync. An energy orgasm comes from allowing your life force energy to flow freely through you and it’s a totally wonderful full-on experience. A lot of the time we suppress our life force energy as our mind likes to be involved and control our sexual experiences. I teach my clients how to free themselves of the mind chatter which is holding them back, and get in touch, really get in touch, with their own body. 


Tantra is a practice. You can start today on your own with some basics to get you ready to be open for an energy orgasm in the future. Practicing on your own for the first time, I always recommend doing a little bit of preparation. Have a nice hot bath or shower first, set the mood with dim lighting or a candle or some incense if you have it. Warm up some oil to have closeby. This is all about setting the intention and getting your mind and body in a relaxed state. As long as you are comfortable, can’t be interrupted, you can be either sitting or lying down when you practice.


Breath plays a big role and it’s something so simple and easy to practice. By using deep, slow breaths you can start to dissolve tensions in your body. By using circular breathing (no breaks in between the inhale and exhale) and focusing your attention on your genital region, little pulses of your PC muscles if you like, you can start to experience a build up of energy. This build up of energy literally happens without you actually touching your genitals. Yes, there is alot more to this than just this but learning different types of breath will help and daily learning how to get your outbreath longer is key.

Be Vocal and Move

Don’t be afraid to make sounds, after all it’s a pleasurable experience and the more you let go and surrender to the sensations the more powerful the energy will be. Our sounds alone can be a big turn on. Just like sound, don’t be afraid to move your body. Touching your whole body and then especially all around your genitals but no direct touch. More blood flow into the genital region can happen without direct touch. Feel free to clench your butt, arch your spine with each inhale and relax with each exhale. It’s about allowing your body to move freely without your mind telling it what to do. 

Moving the Energy

By focusing on the pleasurable feelings building up in your genital region you can then start moving this energy around your body. To intensify the energy and add more layers of pleasure you can begin to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles on every inhale and draw the energy up your body.   

The time it takes to start to awaken your body and feel energy will vary from person to person. Starting with about 10mins but working your way up around 30 minutes is best. Don’t be disheartened as you most likely won’t feel much the first-time round, most don’t as our bodies over the years become numb. It takes lots of practices to get there, especially if it’s something you have never tried before. Yes, of course … its best taught in person with a professional. These are just steps to open up your self pleasure practice at home first. 

If you are interested and would love some extra guidance on how to awaken your body to feel arousal energy or better still to have sessions with us to achieve an energy orgasm, reach out. I have helped plenty of clients experience this heightened energy move all throughout their bodies and full body orgasms are totally possible in expert hands! Get in touch with us today.

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