Beat the COVID Blues: Take the 30-day Mental Health Challenge

The COVID Blues are yet another thing many of us are having to cope with thanks to the pandemic. It’s such a big deal that 30% of Australians now register moderate to high levels of anxiety and depression. 

As a society, our mental health is taking a beating. Loneliness, isolation, WHF stresses, family pressure, job loss and money issues are just some reasons we’re feeling blue. 

I say it’s time to take the coronavirus by the balls and show it who’s in charge. 

Right now, your mental accounts are overdrawn, meaning you have no wealth of happiness and you’re feeling down. By making daily “deposits” into your mental wealth account, you can gradually work towards living an abundant life.

Matt Kahn explains it best. My advice is to watch through this entire YouTube video (even if he’s not up your alley) to learn what it means to “raise your vibration”, so you can put an end to self-sabotage and self-judgement, and be naturally more loving with yourself and others.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins

Overcoming the COVID Blues feels less overwhelming when we just focus on small changes each day. I want you to make the choices that keep your mental bank account full, through regular positive actions that build up over time, to ultimately tilt your perspective for the better.

Rebel Glea’s 30-day Wellness Challenge 

Rebel Glea’s 30-day Wellness Challenge

Make this month YOUR month! Maintaining psychological well-being takes work. Spend a little bit of time each day on activities good for your mental, physical and sexual health.

Follow along with me to start making those deposits for a full, happy life.

DAY 1: Pay yourself a compliment. What do you love about yourself? Say it out loud.

DAY 2: Practise gratitude. Wake up & say three things you’re grateful for.

DAY 3: Say something kind. Be kind to a loved one or a stranger.

DAY 4: Go outside. Leave the phone at home & enjoy nature.

DAY 5: Massage yourself. Relieve tension with a 20-minute self-massage.

DAY 6: Enjoy a hobby. Do the thing that brings you joy.

DAY 7: Sing. In the car, in the shower, anywhere! Just sing real loud.

DAY 8: Say “I love you” to yourself. Rewrite your subconscious mind.

DAY 9: Exercise. Get your muscles moving by doing something you enjoy.

DAY 10: Masturbate. Touch yourself in whatever way feels good.

DAY 11: Start up a daily routine. Get a new perspective by doing things differently.

DAY 12: Meditate. Use guided meditation if you’re a beginner.

DAY 13: Practise kindness. Be kind to someone that isn’t being kind to you.

DAY 14: Be present. Remember to value this moment over the past or future.

DAY 15: Write down your fantasies. Explore new things that turn you on.

DAY 16: Catch up with a friend. Call or visit them for a mutual mood-lift.

DAY 17: Eat a meal mindfully. Cook a meal & savour every bite.

DAY 18: Say “I love you” to someone else. Remind someone that they matter.

DAY 19: Watch a movie from your childhood. Nothing like some healthy nostalgia.

DAY 20: Self care. Have a bath, moisturise your skin, whatever makes you feel good.

DAY 21: Unfollow negative social media accounts. Comparison is the thief of joy.

DAY 22: Go for a walk. Take in your surroundings; enjoy the weather.

DAY 23: Masturbate. Try something new.

DAY 24: Pay yourself a compliment. Consider something you once disliked & turn it around.

DAY 25: Eat a healthy breakfast. Dig into a fruit salad with Greek yoghurt.

DAY 26: Do a deep breathing exercise. Experience the calmness that brings.

DAY 27: Play a game. Connect with your inner-child and focus on having fun.

DAY 28: Have a phone-free night. Switch it off – read a book or talk instead.

DAY 29: Do yoga. Regular yoga has been linked to a decrease in chronic stress.

DAY 30: Start a journal. Make this the first day of your daily journal. Organise your thoughts, jot down ideas and write about what you’re grateful for.

Handy support resources

If you have concerns about mental wellness – whether for yourself or a loved one – please seek out medical help. This 30-day Challenge is intended as a guideline only, and one-on-one, professional support is always the most effective method.

Try these useful resources:

Beyond Blue 

Australian Government COVID Support

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