Are You Too Old to Enjoy?

When we get older, our bodies transition into the aging process, and many times years of accumulated stress and unhealthy lifestyle can take its toll and leave us less fit for sexual intercourse than we were when we were younger. Our bodies and minds become more inflexible, and it can sometimes become harder for us to experience sexual pleasure as we once did.

This can cause us to shy away from sexual contact sometimes because it becomes uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. Sensual massage can offer a remedy to this increasingly common problem.
Even people who are advancing in age can grow and improve their sex lives through erotic touch, and it serves as a wonderful form of sexual therapy. Ancient techniques such as Tantric massage or even advice from the famous Kama Sutra can be used to open new channels of intimacy and communication.

As older people, one can take advantage of having lost the urgency for sexual “goal fulfillment,” where the orgasm was the central focus, and spend ones sexual energies on far more rewarding activities that focus on increasing connection.

Erotic sensual massage can relax you and make you feel energized. Without the pressure of trying to achieve orgasm, a greater intimacy can be reached that goes much more deeply than simple physical gratification.

One can slow things down and simply feel each other without being in a rush. Many times, sensual massage can help a couple become in tune with each other and connected once again after a long while of not engaging sexually with each other, which can happen with age. Simply let the experience happen, without too rigid of an expectation.
Let the goal be to feel love and connectedness. You might even feel that, after a time of regularly engaging in sensual massage, your desire for intercourse may return or become enhanced.Even if it doesn’t, intimate massage can be an end in itself which will give you better long-term satisfaction.

People often associate sexual intercourse (and its resulting climax) with the height of intimacy, but the truth is that many people over-focus on this aspect too much, and in fact they end up experiencing less emotional intimacy as they sacrifice this to their rigid physical requirements for sex. Increasing the foreplay and adding erotic massage to the menu can help deepen a connection much more than a simple sexual climax.

When people advance in age, they usually develop the insight to realize this, and very often their sex lives can improve and become more exciting as a result. Since sensual massage is a much slower kind of intimacy than usually sexual intercourse, even people who lack the physical prowess of their younger years can indulge.

It is far less demanding on the body’s resources, and instead of draining the energy of those who engage in it, it can often leave them feeling more energized. In addition, it can improve the flow of blood in the body, which is of great health benefit. Sensual massage has many benefits …
It can make someone feel relaxed and more energized, while simultaneously increasing the connection between loved ones. The next time that you and you lover are intimate, try sensual massage with each other. If you want to learn how to give your partner an out of this world Sensual Tantric Massage, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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