Amazing Tantric Kissing Techniques
Amazing Tantric Kissing Technqiues

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Rebel Glea

Rebel Glea

Kissing is more than simply just two people’s lips touching. Kissing can be incredibly sensual and filled with a lot of sexual energy. It can really be a very erotic exchange between two people. The first intimate act between two people is most often kissing and you often remember your first kiss with someone. Some people say you can judge how someone’s going to be in the bedroom based on the way they kiss and I guess in some cases that could be true. If a guy comes in and sticks his tongue down his date’s throat straight away, chances are she’s thinking he’d behave similarly in the bedroom.

Kissing is personal and a bit of practice helps. However, that isn’t to say that someone who has never kissed someone before will be a bad kisser. Likewise, someone could be well versed in kissing but doesn’t know how to kiss sensually.

There are so many ways of kissing including deep, quick, gentle, moist, vocal, breathy and there is also such a thing as Tantric kissing.

One type of Tantric kissing is called Synchronised Tantric Kissing. Synchronised kissing involves both partners facing each other, closely embracing, with genitals touching (clothes can be off or on). Have both of your lips ever so slightly touching and both your own lips slightly apart. With both lips gently touching you begin breathing together. With each breath, you inhale and exhale together. Inhaling from and exhaling into the other person’s mouth. This practice is incredibly intimate and requires you both to be present in the moment and feeling the sexual energy expand in your genitals.

You can take Synchronized kissing to the next level called Orgasmic kissing. Orgasmic Tantric Kissing is similar in that both your lips touch, but this time with your penis inside and you both alternate inhaling and exhaling. With slow and controlled thrusts, you both gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, and with both lips pressed against each other you take it in turns inhaling and exhaling. In Orgasmic Tantric Kissing your sexual breath heightens the sensations you are both feeling in your genitals and can absolutely lead to both of you experiencing an energy orgasm, maybe even at the same time! As this technique is very stimulating, it’s important that you control the rhythm so you don’t get over excited.

Another form of Tantric Kissing is Eyebrow kissing. This one is really loving and a great way to show each other affection. The practice of Eyebrow Kissing involves gazing into your partner’s eyes and then pressing your lips against their forehead. When you kiss their forehead, whisper words of your love for them, or even a simple ‘I love you’. After kissing your partner’s forehead and speaking your words of love, you then both close your eyes and slowly press your eyebrows against one another’s. In this moment you slowly breath together, feeling the energy of love between you both pass.

Tantric kissing is very intimate and while some of the practices of Tantric Kissing might sound a bit odd to people, I say don’t knock it ‘till you try it! Whether you are with a long-term partner or single, learning Tantric Kissing is the ultimate way to discover new ways of being intimate, with an emphasis on connectedness and sensuality.

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