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Do you crave more confidence in the bedroom, or just feel as though you’ve lost your way when it comes to your love life? Perhaps you’ve been away from the dating scene for some time and it all just feels a bit daunting.
With a little help from myself, you can step back out into the world of dating with your head held high, feeling confident, preened and prepared!
My ‘Total Confidence’ package is all about the bigger picture. Yes, I am a Sex Coach, but I believe in a holistic approach being the whole person. When you re-connect in the bedroom, the positive energy spills into other areas of your relationship, and vice versa.

This package can benefit any man looking to improve his confidence with women, but may be especially suited to you if you:

1. Have just come out of a long-term relationship. If you’ve been off the dating scene for a while, putting yourself back out there can feel like an overwhelming and scary task. Be reassured in knowing that it’s actually very normal to feel this way, and a lot of others are out there in the same position. We can start slowly and assess all the factors that contribute to a successful dating life, figure out which areas you need a little help with and start from there!

2. Experience dating trouble. Maybe you’re well-seasoned in the dating game, but don’t seem to have much luck, or lack the confidence to take things any further. Whichever category you fall into, I can bring out the confident lover who is already within you.

3. Have confidence issues. Whether this be “is my penis big enough”, “will I last long enough” or “do I have enough experience?” (to name just a few) many men face anxiety when it comes to being with new sexual partners. I can help you unload these worries through a tailored combination of mind and body techniques – being able to communicate those worries is often half of the battle.

I use a combination of tools in my work which generally fall into one of these categories:
Mind – Methods such as talking therapy and emotional and energy healing will help you reconnect with your body and boost your self-confidence, leaving you in a more positive space both inside and outside of the bedroom.
Body – I am also a massage therapist, and use hands-on methods to help you overcome any sexual challenges. Influences like porn may have led you to believe, knowingly or unknowingly, that sex should be a disconnected experience. It may also contribute to performance anxiety, and in turn physical issues like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, which can negatively affect your confidence in the bedroom. Body-based sessions will help you understand the physical side of your sexual confidence and retrain your body for longer-lasting and more pleasurable sexual experiences.

If you’re dealing with low self-esteem in your dating life, rest assured you’re not the only one. Whether it be porn, unrealistic body expectations, or the portrayal of sex in the media, feeling anxiety is both completely understandable and very common. 
But this doesn’t have to be a life sentence. My ‘Total Confidence’ package addresses every factor contributing to your lack of confidence, leaving you 100% ready and eager to dive back into the world of dating.

Not only will we use mind and body sessions to improve your self-esteem and sexual issues, but we will look at the whole bigger picture.
After all, dating isn’t just about sex! Whether it be grooming tips, etiquette lessons or building an online dating profile, I can provide you with all the ingredients to a positive and fulfilling dating experience with this package, which is absolutely ideal for the single man.

The Total Confidence Program Uncovered:
Assess (Meet and Greet)
After establishing that the Total Confidence package is for you during your free non-binding discovery session, this first step will allow us to really get to the crooks of the issues you’re facing.
During the session, we will discuss your sexual history and current situation. You will have the opportunity to really open up and discuss any concerns you are having.
Many men find this step alone extremely helpful; opening up about something as intimate as your sexual concerns can be daunting, but being able to do so in a safe and non-judgemental environment often brings tremendous relief.
By the end of your meet and greet, you will already have learnt tools that will benefit you for life and received your own tailored plan and homework, so you can start your healing journey immediately.

As the package is tailor-made based on your own unique needs, this stage will look different for everyone, and more sessions can be added but may generally look something like this:

Lesson One – Emotional/Energy Healing
We may begin with emotional and energy healing, which involves working with your emotions, peeling back the layers and helping you let go of experiences or feelings that are holding you back.
This is a talking therapy combined with energy healing techniques including sound therapy.
Emotional and energy healing sessions are highly successful in boosting clients’ self-esteem, whilst combatting negative thoughts that might be holding them back. You can read more about these sessions in my Blog https://www.rebelglea.com.au/offload-your-emotional-baggage-for-better-sex/

Lesson Two – Body/Energy Session
This session is all about helping you connect with your body. Energy healing promotes the wholeness of mind, body and spirit, so combining this with a more hands-on session can promote that unison perfectly.

Lesson Three – Bodywork/Tantric Session
You will learn how to move arousal energy through the body and discover how connecting with touch is vital not only for your relationships, but for your health, wellbeing and sexual confidence.

Lesson Four – Tantric Session
During this session, we will learn some rituals and massage techniques. Sensual Tantric Massage has a whole host of benefits; it can help you connect and unwind with your partner, improve your bond and help you feel totally relaxed and calm. 

Lesson Five – Practical Dating Tips
By this point, you will be feeling new levels of confidence and will no doubt be raring to get back out into the world of dating!
It’s now time to finetune your dating etiquette – whether that be grooming, setting up or fixing your online dating profile, taking great profile pictures, or going through your wardrobe. Whatever you may need, I want you to be totally prepared to get back out there. This may even include going on a date so we can brush up on how to treat a lady in a more practical, real-life setting.

Get in touch today to book your free discovery session and start your life-changing journey!

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Find Out Whats Holding You Back From Becoming The BEST Lover EVER and how I can help you overcome sexual challenges with proven natural methods

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