Do you find yourself craving a deeper and more intimate connection or feel you could benefit from learning something new in the bedroom? Tantra is all about BEING in the present moment.  Learning how to access your potent sexual energy is a game changer.

It can do wonders for you such as:
It can open your sexuality to new things, things you never knew or felt before.
– Your sexuality can become a powerful and positive force in your life
– You can gain new understanding of your body
– You can learn how to communicate with others intimately
– Create a happier life
– Fantastic for your health
– Great for circulation

Just Some of the Things We Will Cover:
Tantric Rituals,
Breathwork and Communication
Opening up some more of the senses,
Sensual Oils with bodywork
Visualisation and embodiment
Intuitive Energetic Touch
Building Arousal Energy
Learning more about dualism of mind/body
Savouring Practices

Couples, a healthy sex life is without a doubt one of the strongest driving forces of a happy, fulfilling and successful relationship. Due to the pressure of day-to-day life, many couples neglect or don’t have time for real intimacy in the bedroom, or may find they’ve lost the deep sexual connection they once had. Sensual massage comes with a whole host of benefits for both parties. It can help you connect and unwind together, improve your bond and help you feel totally relaxed and calm. Surrendering and giving to each other on a whole new level, you will start to feel a greater sense of awareness and connection to your partner. Whether it be for a special occasion like a birthday treat, or simply as a gesture to say “I love and appreciate you,” sensual massage can put the spark back into your relationship. Couples that grow together, stay together. It’s time to be pro-active and get that sensual spark back once and for all.
Ladies, what an amazing feeling it is to be completely comfortable – your mind and body totally at ease. To feel like someone is really taking care of and listening to you, whilst having your skin touched and caressed. In such a fast-moving modern world, opportunities to completely surrender to pleasure can be few and far between.
So many of us can feel unsexy and full of shame, whether that be down to social upbringing, the media’s portrayal of women or other factors prevalent in modern society.
And with our lives busier than ever, romantic relationships can unintentionally end up on the back burner. As a result, feelings of closeness to our partners can suffer.
Men, in learning how to ride the waves of pleasure you will open yourself up to the possibilities and the magick in your body. You will learn how to move arousal energy through the body and discover how connecting with touch is vital not only for you/your relationship, but for your health and well-being. Learning Tantra is the first step towards being able to become multi orgasmic.

More About The Sessions

These delicious Tantric Sessions will take you through a range of practices to fire up all the senses. You will discover how sound, smell, sight, taste and touch can all be used in your toolkit of pleasure. By doing so, you’ll re-awaken your arousal energy and a whole cocktail of feel-good chemicals you may not have experienced for a long time.
You will learn how to connect through ancient Tantric techniques, breathwork and learn about full body pleasure.

To find out if my sessions will suit you please organise a Brief Chat with me. I look forward to hearing from you,

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