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Rebel Glea

When I tell someone that I’m a sex coach, they generally get a bit puzzled.  Often, I get “Oh, so like, are sex coaches like a sex therapist?” Well not exactly. “Mmm ok, so what is it that you actually do?”

I’ve noticed sex coaching has started being covered in the news more. For instance I’ve seen it mentioned several times on Gwyneth Paltrow’s popular blog ‘Goop’, and I think this shows the progress we’re making. I’ve personally witnessed sex coaching being sensationalised and even poked fun at. This is because there isn’t a clear understanding of what sex coaches do. I think there’s a few reasons behind this which I’ll discuss in this blog.

Sex Coaching is Relatively New

For one, sex coaching is relatively new and most people don’t have much (if any) information about it. People also get really hung up about sex and don’t understand why. I see this as them now acknowledging that sex is something you need to put in the effort to learn about. I’ve personally learnt a lot through experience and different trainings over many years. I believe it’s really important to  be open minded and willing to learn. It isn’t a sign of weakness of inexperience, as we could all do with some extra training. This is only way to become the best lover and the happiest sexual person possible. Sex coaches don’t just teach you about having sex with someone else, it all really starts with you. I go into this next point.

Sex Coaches Help You in Your Personal Sexual Life and Relationship Life

A sex coach is someone who helps you with your personal sexual life as well as your relationship life. This is so that you can heal your sexuality, fill in the gaps in your sexuality education, and learn to stand in your power as a sexual being. A sex coach will deal with all topics about sex head-on without any blame, shame, or negative judgment. I have found clients feel so comfortable opening up to about things they usually have been afraid to discuss. There is no shame at all in my space, only opportunities to learn and grow. There’s also the preconception that sex coaches are there to help people in relationships have a better sex life. That’s completely untrue as I work with lots of people who are single and with people in relationships. Really I work with people from all different walks of life. Like I work with lots of different people, there are lots of different sex coaches that you can work with. In the next point I’ll talk about the type of sex coach that I am.

Different Types of Sex Coaches

There are heaps of different types of sex coaches. My approach is holistic, unique and hands-on. It’s a coaching process that I’ve developed organically out of the work that I have been doing for many years. I’ve come to realise that there are certain things that everyone who wants to work on their sexuality needs to know and learn about. Most people’s understanding of sex is pretty average. This is because sex education is hardly taught effectively when you’re an adolescent and there aren’t really resources on sex for adults, other than porn. I’m here to answer all your questions in a comfortable, non-judgemental space. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from a sex coach at least at one point in their life as we really can bring so much value. An important part of what we do is educating people unsex so they can unlearn some of the things they picked up from porn. While porn can be great, I’ve noticed the harm it can do in misinforming people’s understanding of what sex is and should be like. You can read more about that here.

Sex Coaches are Educators

As I mentioned, a big part of being a sex coach is also being a sex educator. f being a sex coach are also being educators. We need to teach people what they never learnt and need to know. It’s important for me to teach things about sex that no one ever gets taught. The best person to learn these things from is a sex coach, because we have the knowledge, experience and can give you tips and tricks to improve yourself in the bedroom. It’s not all about the practical training though, we’re also here to help you overcome emotional blockages and traumas. I’ll talk about this next and why it can transform your life.

Sex Coaches help you Transform Your Life

Sex coaching is different from therapy because it’s not focused on healing past wounds. I believe it’s all about creating your life in the present. Yes, sex coaching can be therapeutic. It addresses your specific concerns in a powerful way that can transform your life right now. I focus on getting my clients out of their head, quietening their mind chatter and practising being fully present in their body. Sex coaches all have their own unique training and methods, and mine is very much a holistic approach.

Sex Coaches are all Different

Not all sex coaches are the same. There is no standardised sex coaching training, however there are some programs that train sex coaches in specific types of coaching practices. For instance, some coaches like myself work hands-on with clients. The coach might sit alongside a client and help you whilst you are on the table, guiding and teaching you on how to reach a climax.

Helping with Physical Blocks

Some coaches go even further lending more than lending a helping hand. Sexological Body Workers help clients with certain blocks in a physical way and this type of work can be very powerful for the right clients. I have a lot of respect for this work because of the powerful positive impact it can have in changing people’s lives and opening them up to a whole new world of pleasure.

Self-Pleasure is Practice for the Bedroom

It’s also not just all the act of sex itself. Sex coaches help their clients create new pathways for masturbations firstly as self-pleasure is practice for the bedroom. We teach you how to pleasure yourself first before exploring the actual act of sex itself. It all starts with you, the individual first. 

Creating Long Lasting Transformation

I know my work is very powerful and creates long lasting transformation in my client’s lives. I absolutely love helping women, men and couples transform how they approach sex. Teaching them how to learn to love their bodies, how to develop and fulfil desire, how to shift frustrating patterns, and how to have the deeper intimacy and pleasurable relationships. It’s an absolute honour to guide people through a process of coming home to the self and honoring their own deepest desires.

Don’t Wait to Seek Support

I think at some point in everyone’s lives, they need some help with their sexuality. However, the truth is that most people won’t go out to seek the support they need. Will you be the one who decides to prioritise and develop your sexual life? Or will you shut it away in your mind, letting the shame eat away at itself ? The choice is yours. You know that you know there are options out there to help you develop your sexuality.  It’s my life’s purpose to help men open up and overcome sexual issues that are holding them back.

If you experience premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction please get in touch with me for a free discovery session.

If you’re feeling a bit excited as well as a nervous, that is a good sign! I hope you trust yourself enough to take the leap and get in touch.

If you’ve been reading this and it’s inspired you to learn more and maybe even got you thinking about becoming a sex coach yourself, I would love to hear from you too!

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