Tantra Magick Session

The word ‘tantra’ means woven together; a word who’s texts and philosophies date back almost 2000 years! That’s more than enough due diligence as far as I’m concerned. In my Tantra Magick sessions, we explore a fusion of modalities such as Ritual, Breathwork, Tantric Touch, Energy-work and more, inviting you to explore awareness of and connection with your body (rather than your head) during intimacy.  Over three intensive lessons you will learn how to:

~ Slow down, surrender and connect

~ Get out of your mind and remove pressure to perform

~ Attune your senses to more pleasure and increased sensations

~ Experience heightened states of arousal

~ Open to full body pleasure

Tantra is not goal oriented, so there is no focus on end-game gratification. Rather, it is a deep relaxation practice and primes you to allow yourself to receive bliss mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Most clients report feelings of bliss and calm followed by a period of heightened energy.


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For any questions relating to my Tantra session please see my FAQ page.

If you and your partner are interested in a Couples Tantric Lessons please contact me to discuss.


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