Performance Enhancement Program


Erection Difficulties?
Delayed Ejaculation?
Too much Mind Chatter?

The Performance Program is a proven natural way to learn how to not only overcome performance anxiety but be a better lover.


*We start by having a Virtual session. In this session we discuss what’s going on with you and a Plan of Action. I set up new routines with you to start practicing.
* Foundational Session – This session is online. In this session you learn How to sync the mind and body. Learning new ways to Self Pleasure. As we all know setting a good foundation is key.
* Checkin Session – This session is via phone.  In this session we checkin – it is just that, we discuss your practices at home and tweak if necessary anything you are struggling with
* Practical Session #1 – This session is in person.  In this session you will have the opportunity to practice with me, feeling comfortable and being in the moment.
*Practical Session #2 – This session is in person. In this session you will be practicing once again with me and this session also includes a cuddle session.
*Practical Session #3 – This session is in person. In this session you will be putting into practice all that you have learned incorporating simulated practices together
or pay over two instalments of $1,200
Pay a deposit of $ 800 online today to secure and receive a $199 discount from the full price – Offer expires 25/01/2022 


Up level your performance in the bedroom. Let performance anxiety be a thing of the past. Learn how you can gain confidence to be a great lover.


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