PE Program


If you are serious about fixing your issues once and for all why not get started TODAY.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Have practiced at least 6 times with me – 90 minutes hands-on sessions
  • Practiced all my signature exercises and embodied practices for optimal results
  • Learnt ancient Tantric techniques to arouse your sexual energy and move it through your whole body
  • Feel comfortable and relaxed in the knowledge that there is no need to feel performance pressure
  • The incredible feeling of not ejaculating quickly despite having sensual triggers over a drawn out period of time
  • Understand your unique arousal status, how far you are from ejaculating and how this plays a big part in any sexual experience
  • Strengthen over the weeks your new-found skills of knowing how to be sexually excited without being in a tip-me-over state
  • Apply your teachings into a real-life mock scenario so you can finally approach intimacy with confidence
  • Demonstrate how you’ve moved from inhibited student to confident lover, enjoying every moment
  • Relish the joy of having longer lasting encounters you have yearned for
  • Discover the gift of being playful rather than petrified between the sheets

    This program is designed for those who want to last longer naturally and to be able to sustain this. It is 6 sessions with me and usually spread out every two weeks works well but time frames can be adjusted if required. The FL Pack and my signature exercises are also included in this program.




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