Last Longer Program


The Last Longer Program is a proven natural way to learn how to not only Last Longer but be a better lover.


*We start by having a Virtual session. In this session we discuss what’s going on with you and a Plan of Action. I set up new routines with you to start practicing.
* Foundational Session – This session is online. In this session you learn Three Phases to help you learn your arousal levels. Learning new ways to Self Pleasure. As we all know setting a good foundation is key.
* Checkin Session – This session is via phone.  In this session we checkin – it is just that, we discuss your practices at home and tweak if necessary anything you are struggling with
* Practical Session #1 – This session is in person.  In this session you will have the opportunity to practice with me, learning to ride the waves of pleasure (Please note this can also be done via zoom)
*Checkin Session – This session is via phone (as above)
*Practical Session #2 – This session is in person. In this session you will be practicing once again and advance with your learnings to start to sync your mind/body learning Tantra practices to be a better lover
*Practical Session #3 – This session is in person. In this session you will be putting into practice all that you have learned incorporating simulated practices together
LAST LONGER PROGRAM of 6 Sessions – FULL PRICE: $1,999
or pay over two instalments of $1,200
Pay a deposit of $ 800 online today to secure and receive a $199 discount from the full price – Offer expires 22/01/2022 



Start enjoying longer, more satisfying intimacy.  If you live outside of Qld and would like to start today, get in contact with me for alternative arrangements.

YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO LAST LONGER, contact me today 🙂


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