Initial Hands On Training (100% Practical)

This session is 100% Hands-on and on my table.  How better to learn how to be a better lover than to be shown with a practical session.

By the end of the this session you will:

Learn the role your body plays, and how you can retrain it, to achieve your desires,
Learn how to ease anxiety,
Given exercises to practice for greater results.

After this you may decide on more sessions and we can discuss this and/or my programs at our session.

***Please note I offer a 50/50 Meet and Greet and Practical session also click here.


More information regarding your situation is required prior to this session.  Please organise for a brief chat or better still email me and advise as much as possible, alternatively fill out my quiz, I will be in touch.

Please note for same day bookings, priority will be given to those who pay online prior to the session.


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