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This is where we discuss online via video (phone if you prefer) what is going in your life. This option is the best option if there are a few things going on for you. I will most likely ask you a series of questions and assess if and how I can assist you. This is a session where you can delve into any areas you are wanting guidance with and no doubt feel a weight is lifted. We will most likely discuss your sexual history and after gaining clarity on the areas you wish to improve only then can we both decide if there is mutual value in us working together (a Plan of Action is given) or simply you will be heard, validated and given some tips and tricks that will benefit you for life.

(Please note that your time will need to be confirmed prior)

  • Be heard, no judgement and discuss your issues
  • Learn sexual tools, tips and trick to benefit you for life
  • Be given an Assessment which will pinpoint exactly what areas you can work on
  • Have a clear tailor made ‘Plan of Action” of my recommended way forward

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  1. Ben

    Hi, I want to meet and greet.

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