Energy Massage

Touch is a wonderful way to engage the body and mind, feel connected and relax. Moving energy through the body is important to counter stagnation and blockages. Drop your guard and enjoy the present moment. Learn to receive without the pressure to perform and in turn, learn how to give and receive intimacy without expectation.

Treat Yourself

I have always had the gift of touch, intuition, and compassion.

As a young child I would sooth my parents with relaxing head massage and that gave me an incredible feeling of love and joy. I had no idea then how powerful and significant the impact of touch could be.

I have studied energies, frequencies and the world of chakras and meridian energy points in the human body. I learnt that by aligning and harmonising ourselves – physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically, we could rebalance our chakras, restore energy flow and release negative thoughts and emotions – promoting freedom in decision-making as well as greater openness to any ongoing therapy processes.

Today I work full time in the energetic healing space including Energy Massage.

What is intuitive energy massage?

Intuitive Energy Massage is an evolution of energy, sound/music and healing. I move a client’s body through an energetic journey combined with massage to help open and clear the entire energy system through the Chakras and the physical body. I work with meridian points -the energetic highway in the human body – which allow for the flow of energy (known as Qi – pronounced “chee”), to circulate throughout the body.

If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed – feeling the effects of stress more than usual – a hands-on and deeply relaxing intuitive energy healing can balance the energy body and clear physical and emotional blocks, bringing about a deep state of relaxation on a physical and soul level.

I am here to hold the space and support you through your journey. Uncovering and removing energetic blocks, assisting you with understanding, helping you to look within, holding your power, raising your vibration and assisting you in moving forward with self-worth, confidence, purpose and love in all facets of life.



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