Become A Sex Coach

$500.00 Deposit

If you have a desire to help people on a more profound level and learn about the Ancient Arts of Tantra.  I believe there needs to be more awareness, more connection and healing in this world and I only have two hands so I offer my trainings and mentoring for people to learn my unique Hands-On Sex Coaching so that there can be more Sex Coaches all around Australia.

Empower, educate yourself and have a very rewarding career. As a Certified Tantric Practitioner I have a desire to train men and women or even add Tantric Techniques to the list of your existing services.

After decades of experience, my passion is to help people get more out of their lives and live a more fulfilling sexual life. Currently there are not many if any who do what I do in Australia “Hands-on” so if you have a genuine desire to make a difference in this world…contact me to find out more.

* This is not a short course – a Certificate Course Only.
* Please note in Australia there are no governing bodies or licencing required.
* For both men and women


Learn “The Rebel Method” and help others all over Australia overcome sexual challenges and become better lovers.

*Preferred knowledge of the sex industry
*Preferred experience in bodywork, touch therapies, energy work, holistic therapies
Organise a call with me today to discuss.


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