Transformational Journey – Take Charge of Your Life


Do you feel like you have lost control?
Do you crave more in your life?
Overall confidence or just feel as though you’ve lost your way when it comes to what you really want in life and particularly your love life.

SCARPE SCROTUM: When I take you on this Transformational Journey it is all about the bigger picture. Its about grabbing your life by the balls, letting you decide what happens in your life. When you take all aspects into consideration and work on changing from the inside outside, the positive energy spills into other areas of your life including attracting people and relationships you desire.

Yes, I am an Intimacy Coach, but I believe in a holistic (whole body) approach so looking at a plethora of different modalities and approaches and using a fusion of styles, I provide you with all the ingredients to obtaining a positive and fulfilling life.  On this journey you will be mentored by me and sometimes other like-minded mentors.  This journey is tailor made unique for you and all taken by application only.

This amazing journey that will TOTALLY transform you, can benefit any man looking to improve his confidence, but may be especially suited to you if you are:

1. Have just come out of a long-term relationship. If you’ve been off the dating scene for a while, putting yourself back out there can feel like an overwhelming and scary task. Be reassured in knowing that it’s actually very normal to feel this way, and a lot of others are out there in the same position. We can start slowly and assess all the factors that contribute to a successful dating life, figure out which areas you need a little help with and start from there!
2. Experience dating trouble. Maybe you’re well-seasoned in the dating game, but don’t seem to have much luck, or lack the confidence to take things any further. Whichever category you fall into, I can bring out the confident man who is already within you.
3. Have confidence issues. Whether this be “I’m to shy to meet someone“, “I like her but she’s out of my league” or more sexually orientated thoughts such as “is my penis big enough”, “will I last long enough” or “do I have enough experience?” (to name just a few) many men face anxiety when it comes to being with new partners. I can help you unload these worries through a tailored combination of mind and body techniques – being able to communicate those worries is often half of the battle.

I do offer this journey for those of you who are in relationships however please contact me to find out if this is going to be totally suitable for you and your situation. 

There are many different factors that may hinder you being the best version of yourself and just to name a few:

Mind – Your mind is accustomed to being overstimulated and getting instant highs from the skewed messages that society bombards us with. If you’re dealing with low self-esteem in your life, rest assured you’re not the only one, feeling anxiety is both completely understandable and very common. We will be working with various modalities, and you’ll finally understand the role your mind plays. You’ll learn how to rewire your mind to enable you to engage in natural, healthy relationships. Creating a healthy mindset is a key component.

There are a few different options and things to assess:
1. I focus on your body image and the relationship and connection you have with yourself around this.
2. Depending on your circumstances we touch upon Health Exercise and Nutrition and take into account what is uniquely right for just you, look at the epigenetics, with proven scientific research.
3. I assess the sexual side of your being. Influences like porn may have led you to believe, knowingly or unknowingly, that sex should be a disconnected experience. Other influences such as culture society and shame can have a great impact with the way your feel about intimacy. Many contributors are at play and can lead to performance anxiety, and in turn physical issues like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, which can negatively affect your confidence when it comes time to be intimate. Maybe you do not have any sexually based concerns however Body-based sessions will help you understand the physical side of your sexual confidence and retrain your body for more pleasurable experiences. Understanding your body and what magick can happen is so important.

On this journey we will be looking at your emotions and how they can affect your self-esteem and overall happiness in your life. Carrying around emotional baggage, which most of us have, will hinder you moving forward in your life. By having your emotions in sync with your body it allows for more pleasurable life experiences. Learn more about the impact of suppressing emotions and the affect it can have on your overall health and well-being.

Just to clarify this is not relating to religion however more the relationship you have with yourself at the core of everything. Through learning about energy and healings,  it will help you reconnect with your body and boost your self-confidence, leaving you in a more positive space both inside and out. Learn about mindfulness and how being present can impact the relationships you have.


This feeling of uneasiness you have DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A LIFE SENTENCE.
This Journey addresses every factor contributing to your lack of zest for life which affects your confidence and happiness. By looking at everything from all angles and then assessing only then will you be able to take steps towards creating a better life for yourself.
If you are desiring a complete overhaul, a redo and wanting to seriously Master Your Own Domain then please contact me for a free consultation.

Now … Let’s Look at the Bigger Picture.
Putting your happiness in someone else to find happiness is not going to make you happy. Empowering yourself with your own SELF LOVE is the key. After all, finding that special someone doesn’t have to be the be all and end all. Having a good relationship, communication and understanding of yourself firstly and foremost will be the most amazing fulfilling thing you will ever do. Like a domino effect this will also no doubt give you more connection with friends and family and a feeling of joy. However, the journey to true happiness, confidence and bliss STARTS WITH YOU.

Bringing forth those of you who want to Shine and maybe those of you who want to make a difference in this world. Who knows maybe you will one day be a Sex Coach yourself, stranger things have happened, when going on a magickal journey to self discovery.


  • Please note: This is an application only process, please contact me at [email protected] – applying with the words ‘REHAUL’ and I will contact you to set up a time for a Meet and Greet.


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