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This is a program, for those of you who are wanting to last longer, overcoming Premature Ejaculation (PE).  Sure you can do a session or two with me and this will help you however its like going to the gym only once or twice.  If you are serious about changing things up once and for all, then this is for you.


1st Lesson –  Learn new ways of approaching Intimacy, how to train yourself, gain more knowledge of what is happening in your body. Learn Mind/Body in sync exercises to help you re-wire yourself for longer lasting experiences. Whilst on my table you will start to understand your Arousal Status, how far you are from ejaculating and how this plays a big part in any sexual experience,
2nd Lesson – Practice with me some more, learn some ancient Tantric techniques to arouse your sexual energy and start to move it through your body.  Start to feel more confident and have the incredible feeling of not ejaculating quickly despite having sensual triggers over a drawn out period of time in the session
3rd Lesson – Apply your teachings into a real-life mock scenario with me learning sensual techniques so you can finally feel comfortable approaching intimacy. This includes some sex tips and trick and how to truly please a woman.

4th Lesson – We touch on the basics and this is where you will discover the gift of being playful rather than petrified between the sheets. More practices with me to strengthen your new-found skills of knowing how to be sexually excited without being in a tip-me-over state.
5th Lesson – Demonstrate how you’ve moved from inhibited student to confident lover learning different types of touches and massages.
6th Lesson – By now you will be feeling confident, practiced many times my embodied practices and signature exercises with the stamina device. Feeling comfortable and relaxed in the knowledge that there is no need to feel performance anxiety with more simulated experiences with me.


Additional Info

  • Please note Payment Plans are available and you can pay as you go, please get in touch with me to discuss.
  • Those who have gone through the FULL PROGRAM are eligible for ADVANCED TRAININGS.


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