Hygiene & Grooming Tips to Get You Date-Ready

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Rebel Glea

Rebel Glea


The six letters that terrify you the most. Do you feel awkward and unsure about where to start in making yourself look (and feel) like a catch? Does the very thought of asking a woman out fill you with dread?

Let Rebel let you in on a little secret…

Women are able to overlook some details, and many go way beyond the physical aspect when searching for a partner. However aesthetics do play a fundamental part in the game of attraction.

But don’t worry! As an intimacy coach, I’ve worked with several men and women from all over the world. I’ve seen how easy it can be for some men – even those that don’t look like Jason Momoa – to get a date with a beautiful woman!

If you’re looking for a shortcut or a magic potion to turn you into the next Casanova, well…there isn’t any. The real recipe is simply some extra love for yourself and plenty of consideration towards your (potential) partner. Taking care of yourself starts with looking after your physical appearance. 

If you don’t love yourself and your body – how can you expect someone else to? Success starts with your mindset, and self-confidence really is the best outfit

Let’s help you get your hygiene and grooming regime in order, so you can ooze that irresistible confidence you see in Hollywood, from your colleagues, your brother-in-law, and all around you!

Hygiene: Keeping bad breath under control

Experts believe scent is our most powerful sense, because it evokes memories and emotions. It turns people on as well as off. I’m not here to tell you how many times a day to shower, but I can tell you that from my experience as an intimacy coach, many men underestimate how easily bad breath can kill any chance of a second date.

Picture this. Assuming that everything has gone smoothly, you reach the fateful moment of a kiss at the front door. She’s staring at you and you can feel the desire, that fire in your stomach, and the attraction that will inevitably lead your lips to meet. You got the signal and you’re ready to seal the deal. But when you get closer, her facial expression changes and she pulls away.

Shyness? She could just be saying that so she doesn’t hurt your feelings – sorry, boys.

Here are some ways to test whether you suffer from halitosis (bad breath):

  • Your mask. Now that we’re all forced to wear masks to fight off COVID, you’ll be smelling your own breath more often. If it’s uncomfortable in there, your breath probably needs some work.
  • Lick your wrist. Lick your wrist, let it dry and give it a sniff. This is a good indicator of what your breath smells like.
  • Visit your dentist. If you’re concerned about halitosis, pay your dentist a visit.

When you’re ready, read my tips on tantric kissing techniques to give her a kiss she won’t forget.

The power of a good cologne


Once again, women are big on smells. Regular showers, fresh breath and a nice cologne should be at the top of your hygiene practices.

A nice cologne excites us women. We link men to a certain smell and it stays in our memories and fantasies (including the naughty ones) until the next date. 

Getting close enough to smell your cologne is intimate, sexy, and it reminds your date that you know how to stay clean.

Grooming & shaving

A well-groomed beard is definitely a winner, but that’s not the shaving I’m talking about here. According to research from Vogue, 70% of women appreciate it when men are shaved down under. 

If you’re saying to yourself “that’s not gonna happen”, let me tell you the benefits of manscaping. Maybe you’ll reconsider.

First of all, a well-groomed pubic area can prevent things from getting all sweaty, but there are some benefits you might not have considered, too:

  • It makes your junk look bigger (the shorter the lawn, the taller the tree)
  • Women are more likely to play with that tree if it’s trimmed and inviting
  • Your partner doesn’t want unexpected “floss” in her teeth when she’s down there
  • Neither you or your partner has to deal with friction burns from hairs

Gillette has created a tutorial that helps you groom down under and other areas of your body. It looks like the brand has taken onboard Matthew McConaghey’s advice about manscaping, who said that a man’s shoulders and back should “slip and slide”.

You could also check out some grooming products from Nutbags Grooming.Now, you’re all set to put yourself out there and see some success in the dating world! If you have any questions about grooming or confidence, you know where I am. Email rebel@rebelglea.com.au or send me a text on 0410 611 917.

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