How Healing Your Sacral Chakra Can Enhance Your Sex Life

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Rebel Glea

Rebel Glea

A lot of the men I coach are skeptical when I mention chakras. For many people outside of the yoga and spirituality community, it can all feel a bit “hippy dippy”. 

That said, my clients are often pleasantly surprised when they experience the opening or “healing” of their chakras. Some might simply feel more sensitive to the energies around them, but many report feeling tangible benefits related to their physical being, too. 

I won’t go into too much detail about the background of chakras here, but am happy to talk to you one-on-one if you have questions! In this blog, I want to talk about the orange chakra: the sacral chakra.


The role of the sacral chakra

Also called “the sex chakra” and “the creation chakra”, the sacral chakra is the second chakra, located just below the belly button. Because of its positioning in the body, it’s linked to the genitals, lower back and abdominal, and is the centre of our emotions, creativity, and sexual pleasure, needs and desires. 

You might also hear this chakra being referred to as “Svadhisthana”. This is its Sanskrit name meaning sweetness, referring to the sweet exchange of intimacy and connectedness. 

The orange chakra’s overarching function is emotional flow. So, if you’ve ever suffered from inhibitions or self-confidence issues in your own sensuality, I believe you would experience huge benefits in exploring sacral chakra healing.

Sacral chakra healing: What am I talking about?

When the natural state of your sacral chakra becomes blocked, we can feel disconnected – or numb – from our emotions. The physical body often contracts, which can cause elements of passion and desire to die. I’m talking in sexual terms as well as other areas of life.

An open orange chakra promotes sensuality and creativity. When this “Svadhisthana energy” is blocked, there’s an imbalance, which can manifest in our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. In addition to physical ailments such as lower back pain, UTIs and impotence, this can affect our mental state. A blocked sacral chakra can lead to:

  • An overindulgence in sexual fantasies
  • A loss of passion or a low sex drive
  • Difficulty expressing how we feel or what we need

If any of the above rings true with you, it’s probably time to realign the energy centres in your body. I’m here to tell you that those blockages you feel in relation to sex, relationships, creativity, pleasure, spontaneity and emotions can be dissolved with some simple sacral chakra healing exercises.

Get those juices flowing in more ways than one with some of these recommended approaches.

Acknowledge that there is an imbalance

Denial never did anyone any good. The first step towards healing your Svadhisthana is to admit that your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies need support. This can be a quiet acknowledgement, if talking to your chakra out loud feels a bit odd.

Do the things that make you feel creative

Tap into your artistic side – the one you might have been neglecting lately. Whether that means drawing, cooking, working out or gardening, do what feels fun to try to open up this energy centre.

Do some yoga

Some yoga poses are perfect for healing the sacral chakra, especially hip-opening exercises that focus on that area of your body. Poses such as happy baby, goddess and malasana all target the sacral area.

Connect with water

The orange chakra is associated with water – it all comes back to that idea of flow. Spend time in the ocean if you can, or just go for a swim or take a bath with orange essential oils if that’s not possible. Stay hydrated.


How could healing improve your sex life?

Since our chakra system is linked to our physical, mental and spiritual health, it’s no surprise that some of the energy centres can have an impact on our sex life.

Because Svadhisthana is connected to desire, pleasure, sexuality and procreation, an off-balance chakra can mean we experience a blockage. This can cause impotence, or a sense of shame around sex.

Clearing any emotional blockages opens us up to more confidence in our sensuality. We feel free to enjoy the sex we deserve. We feel more connected to our partner and unlock full access to the physical nerves in the sex organs, for deeper, more intense sensations.

Book an Emotional & Sexual Healing Session with me

Sometimes the thing stopping us from having a fulfilled relationship or sex life is in just the place we don’t look – within us! 

Whatever your thoughts on chakras, if you’re experiencing blockages in intimacy, social life, sex, connections, creativity, passion or something else in this ballpark, I want to invite you to a healing session.

Book an Emotional & Sexual Healing Session online. Otherwise, send me a quick SMS on 0410 611 917 if you have any hang-ups.

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