I hold the mirror while you cut your own hair!
- Rebel Glea

I provide holistic sex coaching for those who are genuinely interested in improving their sex lives and overcoming challenges that are holding them back in life on all levels!

The unique sex coaching I offer has helped thousands of men overcome naturally their sexual challenges, as to date achieving a 100% success rate for those who follow my guidance. My sessions are one-of-a-kind and if you are genuinely wanting to make a change and improve your situation, I would love you to peruse my sessions and programs below. If you have any questions please first view my FAQ page.

FIRST STEP – Let’s get acquainted and find out more about you 

To get started the best way is to take the first step and choose from one of the first options. I first need to find out more about you, what your challenges are, how long you have been experiencing them and your goals, before I can suggest the best solution. Any of the below options are a great way to start your sexual self discovery journey. Choose what you feel is best for you!

Free Discovery Chat

If you are not quite sure if sex coaching is for you, you can book an obligation free discovery call to find out whether or not what I have to offer is right for your situation. We will take a few minutes to discuss your concerns.

Please note this is just a brief chat. If your situation is a little more complex or there’s a few things going on for you, its best to organise a Consult or the First Initial Session (theory & practical) Remember discovery calls are obligation free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

You can book in a free chat by clicking the button below and I will talk to you soon.

First Consult

This session is the best way to start and will no doubt put you at ease. You will have the opportunity to share any sexual concerns and over the years I have discovered that this session alone can bring tremendous relief as not only will it help shed some light ...

and help give direction but it allows men often for the first time to talk openly about personal issues that are often deeply troubling and difficult to share with others.

You will find that I’m extremely compassionate and offer a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space.

By the end of the Consult you will:

*Learn sexual tools, tips and trick to benefit you for life
*Be given an Assessment which will pinpoint exactly what areas you can work on.
*Have a clear tailor made ‘Plan of Action” of my recommended way forward.

Only after discussing your sexual history and gaining clarity on the areas you wish to improve can we both decide if there is mutual value in us working together and moving to next stage, an Initial session or a Program to suit you. 


First Initial Session

We start off with a discussion and then dive into learning new ways. To be a better lover it is important to be aware of what is happening in your body so this is 50/50 theory and practical.

By the end of the session you will:

*Learn the role your body plays and how you can retrain it to achieve your desires.
*Learn to get your mind/body in sync to help you become a better lover 
*Learn how to ease mind chatter.

After this you may decide on more sessions and this would be advisable esp for those who are experiencing erection difficulties or wanting to last longer.

NEXT STEPS – For Those Interested In Delving Deeper

These are some of the packages I offer. Please note, there are too many to list and its best to organise a Consult or an Initial session first. My packages can be tailor made to suit your unique challenges and goals. If you are unsure, please get in touch with me to discuss.

Last Longer Program

This is a program, for those of you who are serious about wanting to last longer, overcoming Premature Ejaculation (PE). Sure you can do a session or two with me and this will help you however its like going ...

to the gym only once or twice. If you are serious about changing things up once and for all … then this is for you. In this program I will teach you new ways of approaching Intimacy, how to train yourself and gain more knowledge of what is happening in your body.

You will learn Mind/Body in sync exercises to help you re-wire yourself for longer lasting experiences.

You will start to understand your Arousal Status, how far you are from ejaculating and how this plays a big part in any sexual experience.

Ask me more about my last longer program.

Confidence Program

A Tailor Made Program For total Confidence in and out of the bedroom

If you’re interested, get in touch for a free chat. Pricing will vary depending on what you would like to include in the package, however I recommend going with the full Master Your Domain package to experience the greatest transformation.

Contact me to find out more.

Performance Enhancement

Do you find yourself experiencing erection difficulties? If yes, then my Enhance Your Performance Program is for you as it’s all about getting out of your head and syncing your body and mind to enjoy sex to the fullest.

In our initial session we’ll be able to discuss any challenges you are experiencing and establish whether you will benefit from this program.

If we mutually decide that you will benefit from the program then I will provide you with sexual tools, tips and tricks for the bedroom, as well as a tailored program and exercises to complete at home.

Live Bedroom Coaching

This can be done in person or I can coach you over webcam. Ever wondered how great it would be to have a professional sex coach guide you in the perfect direction while you were...

with your partner. Options available if you are single. Can you imagine how much better your sex life could be if you were
coached right from your own bedroom.

Forget the theory, forget online videos. Request Rebel Glea’s personal assistance right from the comfort of
your own home or hotel.

(IMPORTANT – My role is to advise only, I do
not participate).

FINAL STEPS – Sexual Mastery Sessions For Men, Women & Couples

Are you ready to become a sexual master? Be the best that you can be and start winning at sex, dating and life on all levels! Here are some highly advanced training programs to help you do just that.

Master Of Your Domain

The Master Your Domain program is an intensive transformational journey that will TOTALLY transform you. If you feel like you’ve lost your way when it comes to what you really want in life, particularly in your love/ sex life, keep reading…


– You experience erection difficulties and constant mind chatter worrying if you will
lose your erection.

– Have just come out of a long term relationship. If you’ve been off the dating scene for a while, putting yourself out there can be an overwhelming and scary task.

– Wanting to last longer and embarrassed about finishing too early. Sometimes putting off wanting to get intimate at all or sometimes just thinking that opting for a
quick fix with an escort might help.

– Have confidence issues. This could be from ‘I’m too shy’, or more sexually oriented thoughts such as ‘Is my penis big enough?’ or ‘Will I be able to please her?’ – to
name just a few of many anxious thought’s men have when it comes to being intimate.

– Have recently completed an Initial Session.

Are ready to grab your sex life by the balls and transform yourself for long lasting success?

Rebel's Retreats

I tailor make packages to suit your situation - whether you have a minimal time or want to spoil each other and have an entire weekend, With decades of experience, let me create something that will suit the both of you.

Whether it is getting away just for an evening with your partner or getting away for a whole weekend of erotic pleasures and delights. Let me help get you spice things with my unique approach to things.  I will spend time training and guiding you both and getting you prepared for your night of passion. WEEKEND AWAY: Why not take time out to give the relationship a real go….let me take care of organising everything from the location, accommodation, treatments, grooming and of course plenty of hours helping getting your sexy back!!

Become A Sex Coach

Learn the Rebel Method and share your gift with men, women and couples of the world! I have a training program available for savvy ladies and gents who would genuinely like to help others improve their sex lives.

If you have a desire to help people on a more profound level and learn about the Ancient Arts of

I believe there needs to be more awareness, more connection and healing in this world and I only have two hands so I offer my trainings and mentoring for people to learn my unique Hands-On Sex Coaching so that there can be more Sex Coaches all around Australia.

Empower and educate yourself and have a very rewarding career or even add Tantric Techniques to the list of your existing services.

My passion is to help people get more out of their lives and live a more fulfilling sexual life.

Currently there are not many who do what I do in Australia so if you have a genuine desire
to make a difference in this world, contact me to find out more.

A few of the many benefits

Intimacy Coaching


Counteract any issues, hang ups or inhibitions
Lets work through any issues you may have that are holding you back in your sex life, until you're beaming with confidence. I am here to guide you become the master of your own domain and better equipped to overcome sexual challenges.


Enjoy being in total sync with your partner
Discover how to become "one" with your lover by learning some Embodied Sex and Tantric Practices. Learn how to become a more passionate, attentive lover and get your mind and body in sync for more pleasure.


Last longer and Gain more Confidence
Imagine lasting longer than you ever imagined, experiencing much deeper orgasmic experiences. Understand and know how to please your partner or future partner.
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