Are You Ready To Become A More Confident, Uninhibited Lover?


For those who are genuinely wanting to improve and overcome challenges.  

My sessions are one-of-a-kind that I’ve designed specifically for those who are living with sexual challenges. I specialise in assisting men with issues such as Early Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. I assist those who have lack of confidence or wanting Healing. Those who simply want to learn how to access more pleasure via Tantric Training. There are various ways in which to learn and various ways I teach to find out more please see below.

Free Assessment

This is a discussion via phone where we discuss your details and concerns – this is a great way for me to assess if I can assist you. My proven process is that this session gives us a little time to stop and chat. I do know that some people are auditory and wish for a friendly voice to connect with so this is welcomed. I know that we are often time poor so this session allows us to get straight to the point to decide if we want to work together or as I like to say journey together. I understand how difficult it can be for people especially men to open up and discuss sex/intimacy so this step alone can bring tremendous relief to talk about sexual challenges and what can be deeply troubling to share with others.


Virtual Sex Advice

This is a session via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp or phone if preferred - If for certain reasons you cannot meet in person. Mabye you live in another State rather than Brisbane or even overseas. Maybe you have been wanting to discuss a concern you have and wanting advice how to handle a situation or challenge you are experiencing.  This is where you can vent and ask questions.  I dont confess to know it all but after 20 years experience I've seen, witnessed and heard a plethora of situations so I offer my supportive and non-judgemental words. This session allows me to guide you in the right direction so you can gain clarity.  Many Tips and Tricks I have up my sleeve and it would be my pleasure to help you.

$39 - 30 MINS



Initial Training Session

In this session where we delve a little deeper, I break this session up in two parts –
Guidance - Some Talk Therapy – a more indepth talk where I can start mapping things out for you and guiding you giving you some tips.
Guided Practices - Body Therapy – To be a better lover it is important to have your Mind/Body in sync so this part is on my table (in person) or laying down on a flat surface such as your bed (virtual session) I guide you through exercises to start to understand your body, experience the three phases of sexual energy, start to learn your arousal levels and guide you through a Self Pleasure exercise. After this session you will walk away with sexual tools, tips, tricks and also exercises to practice to benefit you for life.

$269 - 90 MINS IN PERSON



The Benefits Of Sex Coaching

Counteract any issues, hang ups or inhibitions

Lets work through any issues you may have that are holding you back in your sex life, until you're beaming with confidence. I am here to guide you become the master of your own domain and better equipped to overcome sexual challenges.

Enjoy being in total sync with your partner


Discover how to become "one" with your lover by learning some Embodied Sex and Tantric Practices. Learn how to become a more passionate, attentive lover and get your mind and body in sync for more pleasure.


Last longer and Gain more Confidence

Imagine lasting longer than you ever imagined, experiencing much deeper orgasmic experiences. Understand and know how to please your partner or future partner. 

Ready To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life?



Find Out Whats Holding You Back From having a satisfying fulfilling sex life and how I can help you overcome sexual challenges with proven natural methods

Rebel Glea Intimacy Coach Australia

 I offer sex coaching services Australia wide.


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