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I provide holistic hands-on sex coaching For those who are genuinely wanting to improve, overcome challenges and learn. The unique sex coaching I offer has helped thousands of men overcome their sexual challenges, as to date achieving a 100% success rate.

My sessions are one-of-a-kind and if you are genuinely wanting to make a change and improve your situation, I can help you. We can have a free discovery call to see if my sessions suit you. You can book in a free chat by clicking the button below, or scroll down to find out more about the sex coaching sessions and programs that I offer.

Are You Ready To Become A More Confident, Uninhibited Lover?

Sex Coaching Australia


In this face-to-face session we will sit over a drink and have a casual discussion, this session will no doubt put you at ease. You will have the opportunity to share any sexual concerns and over the years I have discovered that this session alone can bring tremendous relief as not only will it help shed some light, give direction but it allows men, often for the first time to talk openly about personal issues that are often deeply troubling and difficult to share with others.

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You will find that I’m extremely compassionate and offer a safe, supportive, non-judgemental space.

By the end of the Meet and Greet you will:

  • Learn sexual tools, tips and trick to benefit you for life
  • Be given an Assessment which will pinpoint exactly what areas you can work on
  • Have a clear tailor made ‘Plan of Action” of my recommended way forward

Only after discussing your sexual history and gaining clarity on the areas you wish to improve can we both decide if there is mutual value in us working together and moving to next stage.

Sex Coaching Australia


We start off with a brief discussion and dive right into Body Therapy. To be a better lover it is important to be aware of what is happening in your body so this part is on my table and I will be guiding you. You will start to learn about sexual synergy and by working with the mind and body to overcome sexual challenges is far more sustainable.

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This session is where I guide you through exercises, learn the three phases of sexual energy and how to achieve more pleasure.

By the end of the this session you will:

  • Learn the role your body plays, and how you can retrain it, to achieve your desires
  • Learn how to ease anxiety
  • Given exercises to practice for greater results

After this you may decide on more sessions and this would be advisable especial for those who want to overcome issues or set yourself up to becoming multi-orgasmic.  *PLEASE NOTE:  There are 1 hour or 90 min options.

Sex Coaching Australia


This is a program, for those of you who are serious about wanting to last longer, overcoming Premature Ejaculation (PE).  Sure you can do a session or two with me and this will help you however its like going to the gym only once or twice.  If you are serious about changing things up once and for all, then this is for you.

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In this program I will teach you new ways of approaching Intimacy, how to train yourself and gain more knowledge of what is happening in your body. You will learn Mind/Body in sync exercises to help you re-wire yourself for longer lasting experiences. You will start to understand your Arousal Status, how far you are from ejaculating and how this plays a big part in any sexual experience.


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Sex Coaching Australia


Do you find yourself craving a deeper and more intimate connection or feel you could benefit from learning something new in the bedroom? Tantra is all about BEING in the present moment.  Learning how to access your potent sexual energy is a game changer.

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It can do wonders for you such as:
It can open your sexuality to new things, things you never knew or felt before.
– Your sexuality can become a powerful and positive force in your life
– You can gain new understanding of your body
– You can learn how to communicate with others intimately
– Create a happier life
– Fantastic for your health
– Great for circulation

For more info on Tantra click here.

Sex Coaching Australia


Take your sexual performance to the next level with this ADVANCED TRAINING. This is an amazing journey that will TOTALLY transform you and is only available for those who have previously done some coaching with me.

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Sacred Sex – Advanced Training is for you if you wish to…

This program is for those who have previously done some training and wish to take their sex life to the next level.

There are many different factors that may hinder you being the best version of yourself. Taking an holistic (whole body) approach so looking at a plethora of different modalities, various practices and experiential learning, using a fusion of styles, provide you with all the ingredients to obtaining a positive and fulfilling sex life. As this is an application only process, please contact me for more info.

Those who are looking for just a sex session, an escort, to get your rocks off, this is not for you. These sessions are SACRED AND HEALING so a much deeper approach is taken.

Previous Training or Coaching is required.

Sex Coaching Australia


Do you find yourself experiencing erection difficulties and desire to hold your erections for longer?  If yes, then my Enhance Your Performance Program is for you as it’s all about getting out of your head and syncing your body and mind to enjoy sex to the fullest. 

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In our initial Meet and Greet we’ll be able to discuss any challenges you are experiencing and establish whether you will benefit from this program.

 If we mutually decide that you will benefit from the program then I will provide you with sexual tools, tips and tricks for the bedroom, as well as a tailored program and exercises to complete at home.

Sex Coaching Australia
Sex Coaching Australia
Sex Coaching Australia


My confidence package is for guys who would love to update their style and experience more confidence and get dates! The Confidence Package will be tailored to suit your needs, with the choice of inclusions.


Online sessions via Zoom are available for those living interstate or overseas. These sessions are great for a Meet and Greet to see what sessions would suit you and Sex Advice.


Change your sex life forever with my unique intimacy coaching products and services. My shop has training tools that some of my clients use when following my techniques and methods.

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The Confidence Package features the following choice of inclusions:

  • Personal Stylist to recommend and provide wardrobe essentials
  • Grooming & Hygiene and source products if necessary
  • Date Simulation where I provide tips on first date etiquette and ‘The 12 Steps to Getting a Second Date’
  • How to Please a woman – Tips and techniques

I highly recommend this package to anyone who’s been out of the dating scene for a while or has been struggling to get a second date or even a first. I’d love to help build your confidence and see you experience more success getting dates! If you’re interested, get in touch for a free chat. Pricing will vary depending on what you would like to include in the package, however I recommend going with the full package to experience the greatest transformation. Contact me to find out more.


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These virtual sessions allow you to learn with me from the comfort of your own home.  Whilst in person sessions are most ideal for doing Programs, this does not mean you should miss out or put somethings so important in your life on the back burner.

If you have issues you are wanting to overcome, I can get you started practicing and changing things up at home first.  To do an online session or two is working really well, especially in these hard times.

I can help guide you and get you started becoming a better version of yourself.  I understand how difficult it can be for people especially men to open up and discuss sex/intimacy so this step alone can bring tremendous relief to talk about sexual challenges.


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I find that incorporating the use of certain products while undertaking my coaching can speed up how quickly you see results. You can also purchase my ‘All Natural Guide to Lasting Longer In Bed’ e-book as well as purchase a one-off virtual sex advice session. Click here to visit my shop – Must be 18+.

Advanced sex coaching programs available. Click here to find out more.

The Benefits Of Sex Coaching

Counteract any issues, hang ups or inhibitions

Lets work through any issues you may have that are holding you back in your sex life, until you're beaming with confidence. I am here to guide you become the master of your own domain and better equipped to overcome sexual challenges.

Enjoy being in total sync with your partner


Discover how to become "one" with your lover by learning some Embodied Sex and Tantric Practices. Learn how to become a more passionate, attentive lover and get your mind and body in sync for more pleasure.


Last longer and Gain more Confidence

Imagine lasting longer than you ever imagined, experiencing much deeper orgasmic experiences. Understand and know how to please your partner or future partner. 

Ready To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life?



Find Out Whats Holding You Back From having a satisfying fulfilling sex life and how I can help you overcome sexual challenges with proven natural methods

Rebel Glea Intimacy Coach Australia

 I offer sex coaching services Australia wide.


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