Can Men Have More Than One Type Of Orgasm?
can men have different types of orgasms

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Rebel Glea

Rebel Glea

Yes … Learn About The Prostate Orgasms…

Numerous men report prostate orgasms as more intense than orgasms achieved through the more traditional penile stimulation. Apart from pleasure there a numerous amount of health benefits including great for prostate health, circulation and blow flow for oxygen and nutrients and helps to improve overall erectile function.

The prostate, plays a major role in maintaining erections and in the composition and release of semen during ejaculation while the muscles surrounding the prostate propel the semen through the penis.

Your prostate is an internal gland located below your bladder that you can stimulate through the perineum or through anal play with your finger or a sex toy to achieve multiple, intense orgasms.

A How To Guide

Start by washing your hands then gently massaging the area surrounding the anus and when aroused, lube up your finger and locate the prostate.  You will find it approximately 4 cm into the rectal canal. The prostate swells when you become aroused so it should not be that difficult to find when you are on the mood. It will feel like a ball and will feel different to the surrounding areas of the rectum.

Go slowly at first and use a beckoning motion with your finger, starting gently then stroking more purposefully once you relax and become more comfortable with how it feels. The first signs will be the mild contraction of the muscles in the surrounding area and this will intensify as you progress and you may feel the tell-tale signs of impending orgasm as you begin to involuntarily tremble.

Maintain the pressure and tempo and you may develop an erection but avoid the temptation to take care of it and stick with what you are doing.  You will experience an intense sensation of contraction and release in your PC muscles as your orgasm pulses through your body.

The good news is that there is no recovery period as there is following penile ejaculation.  You can push on to multiple orgasms.

If you prefer to use a toy, make sure you use sex toys that are specifically manufactured for anal play.  You don’t want to lose that sucker up there! I highly recommend checking out my shop for products I recommend.

To find out about other types of orgasms and much more you can learn, please take my quick, fun sexuality quiz.

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